How Signs Also Accidentally Hurt Others

Accidentally Hurt Others

How Signs Also Accidentally Hurt Others

Good people also do harm, they also have to control their toxic side, because when it is present they say things that they don’t really feel. Those words dig deep into your soul and make you believe that you are worthless. Stress, worries, and fears are what hide behind a mask full of bitterness. How do signs also unintentionally hurt others?


If there is something you don’t like about yourself, it is that anger that appears without warning, you get angry and all you want is to release every negative emotion that fills you with frustration. You are very changeable and that causes people who are not to blame for anything to get hurt by your actions. The good thing is that you recognize it and even if you are very proud, when you make a mistake you are able to ask for forgiveness. 


The problem with you is that you fill your head so much with your thousand activities, that you leave aside the most important thing, the people you love and who love you. You are very obsessive when it comes to your own achievements, It is good that you have goals, but they are not everything. If you dedicate even half of that time to your friends, family, or partner, your life will surely be more beautiful, and instead of complaining you will receive hugs. 


It bothers you that your emptinesses come out of nowhere, they are like an emotional flare that breaks you in a matter of seconds. That’s one of the reasons why you say you get bored with people, In reality, it’s not the people or the place, it’s you, dealing with the demons inside you. Your cold and distant attitude does a lot of damage and you know it. There are those who don’t deserve that version of you if you are giving your best. 


When are you going to stop? Cancer, your emotions are like a giant snowball, they destroy everything in their path and when you least realize it, you will be alone in the hardest moments. You blame yourself for everything and at the same time, you blame others. You are unloading your fury on people who only want to see you good. You are loving and you know it, but when your toxic emotions appear everything changes. 


You have this crazy habit of erasing everything in your life when something doesn’t seem right to you. Without a doubt, Leo, your most toxic emotion is when your capricious inner child wants to take charge of everything. You become so obsessed with fulfilling your desires that you forget that there are those who can be hurt by your indifferent attitude. Sometimes it’s just about empathy, putting yourself in other people’s shoes won’t hurt you. 


The truth is that you are complicated by the side they see you, but that is not bad, because you demand yourself according to what you can give. The bad thing is when you blind yourself and ignore what others do for you. When was the last time you thanked your friends, parents, or partner? Life is so ephemeral as to be spent fighting over unnecessary things. Neither they nor you deserve frivolous relationships. 


Bad times put you on your toes, you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t even know how to react and that makes you feel terrible. However, the person next door is not to blame. It’s not healthy for you to ignore people who want to see you shine just because you can’t deal with your emotions. You are love, but you have filled yourself with so many layers that you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror. What happened? 


Let’s say that you and your feelings don’t have a very stable relationship. If we add to that that the disappointments have made you very distrustful, things get twice as bad. When you are in a bad mood it shows, Scorpio, you don’t have to say it, but that is no justification for the other person to receive your cruel comments. You know that there are words, that the wind does not blow away and you are leaving dark footprints. 


You are one of the few signs that know how to manage your emotions in a very pacifist way, few situations make you lose control. However, when things don’t go your way you tend to isolate yourself without warning and that can confuse those who love you. It is not worth punishing them with your absence, it is better to tell them that you need some time. It is okay for you to fall, but not on top of those who love you. 


Definitely, showing emotions is not your thing, when you feel frustrated it is very evident, because your entire routine falls apart. Capri, you like to follow a strategy in everything, but the heart doesn’t understand that and that’s when you raise an emotional barrier. You don’t give anyone the chance to comfort you, it’s fine if you’re strong, but feeling the shelter of those who love you is much better. Stop pushing them away, they need you too. 


It makes you feel too uncomfortable to deal with toxicity, you can’t tolerate that murky part inside you, which only seeks to satisfy its needs. That is your cruelest side when the selfish one appears, the one who doesn’t listen to anyone, and the one who is always right. People who want to see you well tell you things to open your eyes, not to judge you, and stop fighting with them, you are discharging your energy in the wrong way. 


When was the last time you hid? It has already become a habit not to respond to messages, to dive into the depths of your room and ignore everyone. You are swallowing so many emotions that there will come a time when you will no longer be able to. There are many people around you who want to see you well, but you don’t let them get close, and that hurts them so much that they are about to throw in the towel. Do not let that happen. 

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