How The Women Of The Zodiac Stop Being Broken

Stop Being Broken

How The Women Of The Zodiac Stop Being Broken

The heart does not warn when you least expect someone has already gotten into the depths of your roots and it hurts a lot when you are not reciprocated. How do you heal? A breakup is synonymous with facing your fears. Suddenly, you are struggling with a lot of thoughts that make you believe that you are not enough, but over time all that changes. You become you again, you embrace your essence. You are one of the women of the zodiac who are no longer broken because they took their pieces and rebuilt themselves. How did the women of the Zodiac stop being broken?


Perhaps, it took you twice as long to raise your head, but the passion that runs through your veins keeps you firm in the midst of the tide. You are a woman who was born to embrace the fire, your soul is eager to live every moment and you are not going to allow disappointment to destroy your essence. You can’t always avoid chaos, but you decide to say goodbye to the drama and start over. Your emotions deserve a second chance. 


Without a doubt, Taurus, the most beautiful lesson they left you when they broke your heart is to love you above all. Now, you are willing to indulge yourself, to listen to what really fills you with happiness. You’re still a crazy, changeable romantic, but you’re no longer going to put your feelings at anyone’s feet. You know that your way of giving yourself is unique and few will be lucky enough to meet your new best version. 


You got tired of being the one who always gave in, the one who kept many things quiet so that the other person didn’t feel bad. You exhausted yourself to the point that your dignity fell to rock bottom and that’s when you promised yourself to never let anyone play with your heart like that again. You are a kind, intelligent woman, with an exceptional culture, you cannot lower yourself to the level of someone who does not know what loyalty is. 


You remember yourself there, so sad, heartbroken, a scene of heartbreak that made you feel the most humiliated woman. However, you were able to fall to the depths of your pain and learned to deal with it. It wasn’t easy to trust again, recover your smile, and pick up your pieces. However, you were patient and that was enough to heal your fears. That has been the most beautiful gift you have ever given yourself. 


One day after so many tears, sleepless nights, and lack of appetite, Leo, you realized that the one who needed love in his heart was you. All that attention you gave to someone who wasn’t worth it, you needed it. So when you started to pamper yourself, give yourself your place, and solve your problems little by little, you shone again. You’re still the same, with a couple of scars, but just as pretty. 


The truth is that for a while you closed yourself off, you didn’t allow anyone to realize the emptiness you carried in your soul. They broke you so much that you even forgot about yourself and that was the saddest thing, you were no longer the same. You missed yourself and that’s why you decided to recover so you wouldn’t go back. If someone now wants to fit into your life, they are going to have to earn it, because you are no longer willing to give in easily. If they don’t take advantage of the opportunity, they will lose you. 


You are a great, noblewoman, so much so that there are times when you decide to stay by someone’s side because you don’t know how to say goodbye. Libra, you put the happiness of others above your own, and that has led you to live in bitterness when you don’t deserve it. Your soul is romantic, sweet, and intense. You are the one who loves without fear and that is why breakups hurt you so much. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to stay in the dark forever, even if it takes a while you’ll be the same again. 


Your heart is like a flare of electricity, you always go at a speed that scares and delights you. You don’t like to take relationships lightly, the deeper the better. You fall in love until you forget everything. Definitely, you are not afraid that the butterflies in your stomach will take you to the Moon. However, you are very emotional, and letting go breaks your soul, but just as you get hooked, you also let go, so don’t be underestimated. 


It hasn’t been easy at all to keep your positive side after having your heart shaken as if you didn’t have a single drop of fragility. You are a woman who when it comes to love prefers to go at a slow pace, you do not let yourself get wrapped up in any fairy tale. That is the reason why goodbyes hurt you so much, because you thought it would be something more lasting and you are not only disappointed in the person but also in yourself. But in the end, you always come back to the ring. 


On the outside, you seem like a woman as firm as a rock. You are not one of those who believe in paper hearts, you need much more than pretty verses. You are aware that there are those who disguise themselves very well in order to get what they want. However, there are times when everything gets out of control and you end up suffering. But you’re not going to cry for days, just what’s necessary, and then you’ll continue as if nothing happened, there’s nothing more. 


After they hurt you, you felt like the most misunderstood woman, the one who always looked for a way to put herself in her partner’s place, but received nothing in return. It gives you the courage to remember yourself there, so dependent and sad. You gave it your all and that person didn’t stop to think if you had done it with someone else. She broke you, but you’re not going to carry that around for the rest of your life. Let it be that person who suffers when he misses you and realizes that it’s too late. 


You know that the past cannot be erased, Pisces, There are things that will haunt you in the memories of your memory, but now you understand that it is important to accept and continue moving forward. They hurt you to the point where you believed you were not enough and they removed your scars without mercy, but the pain disappeared, You transformed it thanks to all the love that is in you and no one can take that away from you. 

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