What Do The Signs Do When They Have A Knot In The Throat Because Of So Much Sadness

What Do The Signs Do When They Have A Knot In The Throat Because Of So Much Sadness

Sometimes sadness comes like this, without warning, like a whirlwind that runs from head to toe. Suddenly the thoughts against you are present and the tears accompany the pain that you carry in your soul, it is about which you do not speak with anyone. When you have a lump in your throat, when you hold back, you want to run away. What do the signs do when they have a lump in their throat from so much sadness?


Behind a brave, impulsive, risk-loving soul, hides a heart full of goodness, which many times they break but nobody finds out. Aries is the one who keeps walking even though pain eats away at every space of the soul . He is the one who can get lost within the four walls of his room because of so much anger, but he doesn’t say anything. When sadness comes to his days, he becomes an expert when it comes to wearing masks, he does not want them to know that there are times when he cries until dawn and that many times he has lost hope. Still, Aries always gets up again.


Taurus is the one who follows logic, focuses on what his mind tells him and leaves emotions aside. However, there comes a point where the bottle is filling up and he can’t take it anymore, his heart breaks and the tears seem to have no end . He walks through life with a lump in his throat that tears each of his wounds. That is why he prefers to isolate himself, he goes into catharsis alone, because in the end there are few people he trusts, but he does not want to become a burden to anyone. Be patient, because Taurus sooner or later repairs itself.


The sign that thirsts for change, the one that does not remain silent, the one that is capable of going to war to defend its ideals. Life has put so many hard tests on Geminis that they have learned that the heart is also filled with thorns . When sadness comes into your life, you take refuge in silence, that’s where you can meet your thoughts, where you can cry without fear of being judged. Geminis do not want their life to be solved, they have everything to move forward, but there are pains that do not heal overnight.


Cancer is the emotional sign, the one that can lose control in a lot of tears. He is the one who goes through life without filters, even when it comes to something very personal, he hates to pretend something that he is not. However, they are used to helping, protecting, but when it comes to themselves they forget. They are of those who want to get the idea that sadness is something insignificant, because they do not like to feel weak when breaking. So it is possible that they end up crying in movies, events, a perfect pretext to hide the real pain.


Leo is the one who always goes through life with his forehead high, the one who bets him to give everything to shine, he does not understand negatives, because he is used to winning. So when things don’t go as planned, he loses control,gets upset easily, and nerves become part of his days. There, behind his bad temper and the little desire to live together hides a lump in his throat that is eager to be heard. Leo doesn’t want to be a martyr and tries hard, but there comes a point where the tears have to come out.


Behind a perfect, practical and very meticulous person, hides a soul that can break at the least expected moment. What do the signs do when they have a lump in their throat from so much sadness? Virgo is one of those who accumulates emotions, of those who can fake a smile even if they are shattered, they are not hypocrites, it is just that, sometimes, they do not know what to do with so much. Virgo can be insensitive, but he is only a shell, he makes an effort so that the rest see that he can with everything and that he is not affected by what happens in his life. Her desire to pretend that everything is fine is so great that she cries internally.


Libra is a cluster of emotions, it is the one who does not understand reasons when the heart takes control. He does not easily let go of the ghosts of the past andthere are traumas that still haunt him, that reach his days and make tears rundown his face as if he were living a tragedy. That’s when he gets angry, stops socializing, and changes his cool face for a scowl. He hides behind a bad temper because it is difficult for him to accept that he cannot take it anymore and, sometimes, he just needs a hug to continue.


Scorpio is the sign that many associate with hostility, mystery and the one that puts coldness first. However, they do not really know what is hidden in an apparent brave look. What do the signs do when they have a lump in their throat from so much sadness? Scorpio prefers to put his dark side because he does not want anyone to know that he can not take it anymore. You don’t want them to know that there are nights when sad songs aren’t enough, when your thoughts tell you the worst, when you don’t trust anyone and your insecurities make you just want to isolate yourself from everyone.


A Sagittarius it shows in every pore when sadness comes into your life, because it happens to be the magic soul, adventurous and thirst to explore every corner; to become a silent being. Sagittarius sinks into sadness when fatigue does not leave his body , it seems that no matter how hard he tries to sleep and escape from reality, it is never enough. So seriousness becomes their best accessory, they do not tolerate anything and worry about what will happen later makes their anxiety skyrocket. This is how you realize that you can’t take it anymore.


Capricorn is the sign that always has something to do, who seeks motivation in the depths of his being, does not let go easily. However, when he can no longer so sadly it shows, because he begins to get desperate for everything, it seems that no matter how hard he tries, he will not be able to meet his goals. Capricorn loses motivation and becomes more sensitive than ever, but that does not mean that he is crying in front of everyone. Although you will notice it in his dark circles and in the opaqueness of his eyes.


At first glance it may seem that Aquarius knows perfectly how to deal with sadness, because it is a very distant sign and that always puts the intellect first. However, there are things that the intelligentsia cannot explain, situations that make apathy become your best companion, that’s when they break. Then they feel restless and sink into their loneliness, they get away from everything and everyone, because they want to be happy and they don’t know how to face that lump in their throat that doesn’t let them move forward. Aquarius does not always cry, but the pain speaks for itself.


Pisces is sensitive from the side you see it, their emotions are so transparent that they can get lost in what happens to others. They are so empathetic that it affects them on a deep level and that is when sadness becomes recurrent in their life, forming a lump in their throat that they do not talk about with anyone . So they become the most obsessive, they isolate themselves and anxiety becomes their best companion. What do the signs do when they have a lump in their throat from so much sadness? Pisces is so overwhelmed that he can no longer, but he does not say it, there are few who trust to really tell them what he is going through, he is very selective when it comes to opening his heart.


What Do The Signs Do When They Have A Knot In The Throat Because Of So Much Sadness

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