Ranking Of The Signs That Always Fulfill Their Promises

Ranking Of The Signs That Always Fulfill Their Promises

They say that when you promise something and do not keep it, you only break with the illusions of the other person. There are those who honor his word, take it as something sacred, that which defines them from head to toe. So they do not play games, they are the kind that comply regardless of adversity, does that sound familiar? This is the ranking of the signs that always deliver on their promises:

1.- Scorpio 

The sign that heads the list is Scorpio , although he has a reputation for being a person with few friends, mysterious and who finds it difficult to share his emotions, we are talking about a person who takes everything he promises very seriously . That is the reason why he does not go around saying that the Moon and the stars are going to lower you. Astrology relates Scorpio with a person who adheres to the laws, likes to make pacts, and his intense side is present, do not fear, it is not a sign that is going to fail you.

2.- Virgo 

In second place we have the charm of Virgo, a perfectionist sign, who is paying attention to details all the time so as not to make the slightest mistake. Virgo needs to be sure that the other person is worth the effort to enter the ring in their place. He is the one who analyzes everything, to make a decision. However, once they promise, do not doubt that they will move heaven, sea and Earth, to make it happen. If there is one thing that distinguishes Virgo, it is that he is quite stubborn when an idea is put into his head.

3.- Capricorn 

Without a doubt, Capricorn had to be in the first places, it is a sign that has loyalty in its eyes , when the people it loves need it, it does not doubt it, it does what it can to show how much they matter to it. Capricorn is practical and runs away from drama, he does not take responsibility for things he cannot, if he takes the step it is because he is really sure that he can and wants to do it. Capricorn does not let go of you and no matter what happens, he will fulfill what he promised, even if they end the relationship.

4.- Leo 

In the ranking of the signs that always keep their promises, Leo is in position 4. Without a doubt, Leo is one of the signs that care about their reputation, they do not take lightly what people think of them and boy are they workers, they make an effort to make the rest recognize their brilliance. The downside is that, sometimes, by wanting approval, they end up promising things that are out of their hands and that’s when stress and frustration are present. That is very committed and can be a bit stubborn, he does not want his word to be stained. Leo resists until the last battle, he does not give up easily.

5.- Cancer 

Although it is the most emotional sign of the zodiac and that, at times, it can feel all moods at the same time, Cancer is very meticulous when it comes to promising something, because they do not like to leave their comfort zone. However, if the idea of ​​helping you really comes from their hearts, rest assured that they will move to the last mountain to see you smile . He is the type of person who does not let you drift , he will swim with you no matter the consequences. Cancer cannot stand when a promise is broken and is therefore very loyal.

6.- Taurus 

Taurus is an honest, direct and practical sign. He is not the one who loses thinking about things, because he is very clear about his objectives and if someone cannot deal with them, he simply does not have a seat in his life. He is the type of person who does not promise things just to keep the other person happy. In fact, his stubbornness is the reason why they have to negotiate everything, he is not someone who is ready to solve your life, he likes people who stand up for themselves.

7.- Aries 

We are entering the list of signs that do not get along very well with keeping their promises. In the ranking of the signs that always fulfill their promises, Aries occupies the number 7 place. Such is the case of Aries, who lives up to the impulse, it is fire from the side you see it and that can put it between the sword and the wall steadily. It is possible that a moment of rapture gets carried away and promises you things that you later forget. It is not that he does not care, it is that his head is a cluster of thoughts all the time and it causes his word to undergo constant changes. Do not demand an Aries, he does not do it to hurt you.

8.- Sagittarius 

An adventurous heart, thirsty for happiness, always looking for something to add adrenaline to your life. Sagittarius is capable of being carried away by the intensity of his words and promising you the dream life , he does not do it maliciously, but it is possible that, sometimes, what he expects is too ambitious, we are practically talking about miracles and that can make you wonder if it really is capable of fulfilling it. They intend, but maybe it’s not that realistic and that’s when they fail.

9.- Pisces 

A touch of sensitivity, imagination and a lot of illusion, without a doubt, Pisces can become the sweetest temptation of your life, but when they promise you things their mind can go crazy. Not that they are liars, but their state of mind can play on their word and sometimes they come up with practically impossible nonsense, but at the moment they sound like the best. That is the reason why they can inadvertently end up hurting.

10.- Libra

Libra is at number 10 in the ranking of signs that always deliver on their promises. Keeping promises? Libra can become the most dreamy person when they propose it, let’s say there are times when they only want to satisfy the other , because they have a weakness, they cannot bear to see others unhappy and when they put themselves in their place they want to solve their life . Libra is able to set aside his own goals to fulfill a promise and when he loses his balance everything spirals out of control. He neither does things for himself, nor for the other. There just comes a point where you can’t take it anymore.

11.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the sign that few understand, the one that immerses itself in its world and is very clear about what it wants in this life. When something is proposed, there is no human power to make you throw in the towel. The problem is when it comes to keeping promises to others, there he does feel that his personality limits him, because he knows that he is not here to fulfill anyone’s expectations. It is a sign that prefers its peace and not to impress, just to please others. He has Uranus on his side, the planet that honors chaos and doesn’t get along very well with keeping promises.

12.- Gemini 

If there is a sign that finds it difficult to fulfill its promises, without a doubt, we are talking about Geminis, let us remember that it is the one who was born with the gift of speech, they will do whatever is in their power to gain the trust of those around them and it is It is possible that because of the situation they lose control and end up promising things that they will never do. In addition, Geminis are very changeable, it depends on their mood and the person, to determine how hard they must try to keep their word.


Ranking Of The Signs That Always Fulfill Their Promises

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