The Most Dangerous Signs

The Most Dangerous Signs

There are certain signs with which you have to be a little careful, because if you are careless you can fall into their networks … Those networks that are very difficult to get out of and that will take advantage of your vulnerability to attack you and leave your heart broken into a thousand pieces . There are some people who attract problems and others who carry problems with them as if they were part of their luggage. And you have to be very careful because there are some signs that you don’t even see coming… So read on to find out the ranking of the most dangerous signs of the Zodiac.

  1. Libra

If you know a Libra, you knew perfectly well that this place was going to be occupied by him. Libras are the last in the ranking because it is the fairest and most peaceful sign of the entire Zodiac. Libra is characterized by being empathy and charm in person and he would never forgive himself for hurting anyone. It is that person who probably understands your flaws before you do.

That person who always worries that everything around him is as comfortable as possible. A Libra will never hurt you on purpose. And if he accidentally hurts you, he will never forgive him in life. Really, it hurts Libra more to hurt you than the mere damage he did to you. Libra would never waste their time thinking of a Machiavellian plan for revenge.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that is known to be quite rebellious and to be a lover of danger. He loves to put his life at risk, but that doesn’t mean he wants to put yours too. Aquarius never wants trouble or moves with anyone. He is one of those who defends “live and let live.” And he is not one of those who is obsessed with revenge …

It is clear that he is not going to forget about the betrayals, just as if nothing, but he is not going to use his precious time in thinking of a plan to be able to get revenge. The only danger of Aquarius is the one you face when you have to live some adventure with him / her. He may not be as empathetic and warm-hearted as Libra, but that doesn’t mean he likes to go around breaking hearts and hurting others. Aquarius is more about living your life without anyone bothering you and without disturbing anyone.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is too sensitive a person to be hurting others. He has a heart full of kindness and generosity. He always looks for the welfare of others before his own and for that very reason, he would never allow himself to hurt someone. The only danger that Pisces has is that it is a very emotional water sign, there are times when it is quite unpredictable and it is very difficult to detect when it has a problem with you.

It is not that he is not sincere, but there are times when he saves things too much and in the end that, whether you like it or not, can become something toxic and dangerous. If it weren’t for this little detail, surely it would be the least dangerous sign, but you can’t have everything … Also, due to being so emotional, Pisces has a somewhat dramatic and manipulative side that can also be dangerous …

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is optimism and good vibes in person. He doesn’t have a single drop of evil on his body. He always has a smile for every occasion, he always has the positive energy that is necessary to keep moving forward. Sagittarius works hard to reach their dreams and to achieve what they have always wanted. Although it is also true, that sometimes they lose their forms and impulsiveness. It’s not that I’m being mean and wanting to hurt someone, but sometimes you lose your strength through your mouth.

He has no filter between mind and mouth and that is what can make him dangerous. He does not think about the repercussion that his words can have, he does not notice if he is going to hurt someone or if perhaps those words are not well understood by others … But hey, let it be clear that his intention from the beginning is not to hurt to nobody. You are warned.

  1. Taurus

Taurus is a sign that, although at first it seems quite dangerous, when you know it well, you know that behind that hard shell, there is only one huge heart. Taurus has the patience to put up with anyone and has a lot of love to give to his loved ones. Yes, the bull can be very good when he wants to, but when he gets angry… When he gets angry he can be VERY dangerous. If Taurus says something, you have to be right at all times and as you try to oppose him, he is capable of giving you a thousand and one reasons to show you that only he can be right. Taurus of good, can become the best in the Zodiac, but when it is bad is when its most dangerous side comes to light. But well, thank goodness that he has a lot of control and knows how to control himself when his morale is touching …

  1. Gemini

Gemini is one of the smartest signs. He has ingenuity and imagination for anything and the best of all is that he learns super fast. Gemini is flexible and able to adapt to any situation very quickly. It is true that you want the good for everyone and that your mission in life is not to harm anyone, but how they harm him / her, prepare yourself. It is not the most vindictive sign, but it does like to pay with the same currency and likes to put everyone in their place.

Gemini does not seek to hurt you, they simply want to make things clear to you and want you to suffer in the same way that he / she suffered. No more no less. In addition, that duality that characterizes him so much makes him a bit unpredictable … For a while he can love you and the second he can be his worst enemy. This duality also has a touch of danger, but as soon as you understand it, the danger disappears.

  1. Cancer

With Cancer something similar happens to Gemini. Due to these mood swings and duality, they are very unpredictable people, so, from the beginning, it can make you quite suspicious. Although it is also true that when you know him well you know that he is not dangerous and that he only wants to do good to others. He has a lot of love to give and give away and is quite familiar. But, it is not as good as it sounds either.

Cancer has a dramatic streak that is quite dangerous … And yes, it seems that it is love in person, but as long as a wire crosses her or if you do something that does not fit her, she is capable of preparing a rather dangerous revenge. With Cancer, appearances are quite deceptive. Because yes, for good, he is the best of all, but for bad it is better not to know him. He is very emotional, and because of his emotions he is capable of manipulating anyone …

  1. Virgo

Virgo is known to be a super checkered and quite stubborn person. As something does not turn out how he / she wants, he gets a good fat. Luckily he’s quite patient, he knows how to stay calm and he doesn’t tell the first person who disagrees with him. But the true poison of Virgo lies in his words. And it is that sometimes it is so direct and so critical that it hurts people with what it releases from its mouth.

If Virgo doesn’t like what you’re wearing, doesn’t like your attitude, or thinks you’ve done something wrong, he’s going to go straight to attack you and tell you everything bad. But to all this, we must also add that Virgo has a hard time forgiving and forgetting. It is not the most vindictive sign of the Zodiac, but it is quite spiteful. If you do something bad to Virgo today, it will be remembered until 2025 or even more … Virgo is quite dangerous for being so critical and so spiteful …

  1. Capricorn

Something similar happens with Capricorn as with Virgo. He has a very hard time forgiving and forgetting and is quite spiteful. Also, Capricorns are very stubborn and very controlling people. They believe that only they can be right and are even a little know-it-all at times. The danger comes when something gets between your eyebrows.

As someone dares to oppose him or simply tell him that he will not be able to achieve it, Capricorn is capable of killing them with his eyes and making things very clear. But the best of all is that Capricorn is a super pessimistic, dark and very patient sign. As he wants to get revenge on you, you are totally lost … In truth, the intelligence of Capricorn together with his patience, are capable of creating the worst revenge plan you have ever seen.

  1. Aries

In the third position is Aries, a person who loves danger and is quite competitive. All you want is to win, be in first place, and enjoy watching others lose. Aries does not serve second place, he wants to be the winner and there is no more. In addition, Aries is a person who has a very bad character and is so impulsive that it makes him have a very aggressive early.

As Aries has a bad day or just a bad time, he is able to pay for his anger with anyone. And he pays for it very dearly… It is very dangerous, especially because of that impulsiveness and strong character. Be careful if you are going to mess with Aries, because it will not be a dish of good taste. In addition, Aries are people who are offended immediately and who have super little stamina …

  1. Leo

Now we are going to talk about Leo, a sign that loves power and loves to command everyone. Leo has such a domineering personality that he can be a bit arrogant at times. Yes, that Leo has natural charm and that he has a lot of love to give to everyone, nobody says otherwise. But everything that is good is also dangerous.

Leo is a sign that connects very well with people and is capable of knowing them perfectly. He knows perfectly what his strengths and weaknesses are … And when he has to hurt someone, he knows exactly where it hurts the most. This is what makes it such a dangerous sign. Also, like Aries, Leo is a super impulsive person, with 0 patience and with a lot of character. You have to know how to treat it because it can be even more dangerous …

  1. Scorpio

It was not going to be another … We are talking about the most dangerous sign, a sign that as soon as you know it you know that there is a lot of evil within it. A sign that transmits a lot of mistrust and a lot of evil. Scorpios are VERY powerful people, whether for better or for worse (although usually it is for bad …). But above all, Scorpios are SUPER spiteful and vindictive people, that’s what makes them number 1 in this ranking.

The worst of all is that they are very manipulative and are capable of doing and undoing at will and manipulating people as they please. Be careful with Scorpio, because it can really be very dangerous. With Scorpio it is better to ALWAYS be in good spirits and avoid problems whenever possible.


The Most Dangerous Signs

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