What Are The Most Ruling Signs In Love?

Ruling Signs In Love

What Are The Most Ruling Signs In Love?

There are people who like to dominate more, to be in control of relationships. Others, however, enjoy letting go and giving their partner control of all decisions. His thing is to find the intermediate point, the one in which you can make decisions but also know how to give your arm to twist. There are more dominant signs than others. That’s clear. So that you can get to know yourself and those close to you better, we will talk to you about which are the dominant signs in love and which are the most submissive.


Aries, you are one of the most dominant people in the Zodiac and, more so, when we talk about love. You love that others express themselves, but you are the one who ends up dominating the relationship. Best of all, they almost always like this strong and defined character that you have. Dominance goes a lot with your way of being and, in love, it is no different. 


You’re not one of the most dominant people in a relationship, but you also don’t like the other party to be overly dominant. Your thing is to take things easy and let everything flow; You are looking for a good balance so that the relationship is pleasant for both of you. However, it is true that, in those moments, you love that your partner takes the initiative. 


You love that they dominate in the relationship, as long as certain limits are maintained: there are values ​​and opinions that you have formed based on experience and these are not negotiable. You are a person who easily adapts to the love and needs of your partner. You are always open to new experiences and you are the most fun. 


You love to dominate in love and in the relationship. You love having everything planned out to make sure everything will work out. However, you also like that, from time to time, it is your partner who makes the plans. You love it when, from time to time, your partner takes unexpected turns in the relationship. But, in the end, you always end up being the one with the last word.


You are, without a doubt, Leo, one of the most dominant signs, if not the most. There is no one who can overshadow you and it is because your strong character and the great vitality that is in you, mean that your partner does not have much room to dominate situations. However, you also like to be surprised, so from time to time, you let your partner take the lead. We all have weaknesses and you know yours very well; It is not difficult for you to accept it and, therefore, on certain occasions you let your partner be the one who dominates.


You are not one of the most dominant in relationships, but, in your case, it is due to the great insecurity that exists in you. You never know if they like or dislike what you do, what they think, or if you are doing the right thing at all times. This makes you spend all day thinking and generates stress that you are very aware of; a stress that you try to avoid at all costs. You know that doing so will allow you to enjoy the relationship much more and you are open to suggestions of all kinds. 


There is always a need for balance in your life and this is no different in your love relationships. You’re not dominant, Libra, but you also don’t want them to dominate your life in every aspect. You settle for this person you have by your side to take the reins of the relationship when you face doubts that you don’t know where to take them from. But, in your field of action, the one who makes the decisions is you. 


You are a born dominant, so much so that you can leave your partner without options. It is not that love relationships do not go well for you, because you usually find these people who complement you. Also, you are not a person who likes criticism very much, so whenever you take the initiative it is because you have previously thought about everything you want to happen. Indirectly, you leave nothing to chance.  


You are not dominant in your relationships, Sagi, but there are certain conditions that you set from the beginning. You easily adapt to all situations and it is easy for you to give others what they want and what you know they like. The joy that is always in you and your way of living life, fully and to the fullest, define you much more than your dominant trait. 


As a native of Capricorn, you know very well that you are dominant in all aspects that make up your life. You like to dominate both at work and in relationships with your family, partner, and friends. The initiative and the effort to please others are innate traits in you, and you know how to use them to your advantage to satisfy others. The good thing is that your tendency to dominate goes perfectly with your way of being: it is there, it is noticeable, but it does not bore or put excessive pressure on the other person. 


You are a free, independent soul eager to live and collect good moments in life. For this same reason, you do not like to dominate situations. You are always open to experience sensations and you are not usually the most demanding. This makes the other person feel very comfortable and takes the reins: something that you love. 


You are dominant and most romantic. You like to open yourself up to new experiences, but as the good Pisces that you are, you also like to make plans. And, with them, you dominate situations without really realizing it. However, your sense of dominance is not extreme, so no one feels uncomfortable around you.

Knowing how dominant we are in love and how our partner is is key information to be able to have a more pleasant and deep relationship. Now, you know what your partner expects of you and what you can do to make your relationship ideal for both of you.

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