These 5 zodiac signs need a dominant partner in a relationship.

Astrology can tell us a lot about how someone behaves in a relationship. This makes it easy to assess whether someone is dominant in a relationship. The following 5 zodiac signs definitely have characteristics that the partner would rather leave to lead.

They love to give control to someone else, but only if they feel safe enough and can trust the partner blindly.

BULL ( APRIL 20  MAY 20)

When it comes to relationships, the bull is not as dominant as a scorpion, for example. The bull likes to be pampered and doesn’t like to be the linchpin in a relationship. Of course, this does not mean that bulls can do everything with themselves and are always only passive.

The bull likes to determine where to go when you go out or meet for dinner. Bulls are incredibly patient and they can endure a lot, but they also have their limits that should not be provoked.


Twins hate having to make a decision, especially in relationships. Therefore, you will rarely see a dominant twin in a relationship. The twin is adaptable and a philanthropist. This is also one of the reasons why the twins let the partner make important decisions, provided that the trust is 100% there.

Taking the passive part in a relationship also relieves the twin of his nervousness and fear, because the twin ponders a lot and is constantly pondering. And when the partner takes over the leadership of the relationship, the twin can relax and do other things about the relationship.

But one must not forget that the twin often has a second personality, and it can happen that these occasionally take over and suddenly act dominantly.


The virgin is usually shy and reserved. Most of her everyday life takes place in her head, which helps to want a dominant partner who lets the action speak.

The virgin is often in conflict with herself and at the same time is the greatest critic for herself, which is why she wants a partner who knows how to lead in a relationship because she knows that the partner could do better.

The virgin often takes the part in a relationship because she believes this is the best way to show how loyal and loyal she is. Regardless of everything, a virgin will always know her limits and will never be treated disrespectfully, for that she is far too rational and knows her value despite all self-doubt.


The Libra is probably the fairest person among all the signs of the zodiac, so it is very important to them that both partners are equally involved in a relationship.

Since the Libra is also very diplomatic, they often let their partner play the dominant party in the relationship for a long time and then wait until it is their turn to take the reins back in their hands.

Even if the scales give the impression of being the passive part of a relationship for a long time, the scales can also make it very clear if they do not want something. And she perfectly masters being dominant without giving the impression that she is dominant. She is a born politician.


While many do not like being dominated by the partner, it is all the more surprising that the fish people love it because they do not see it negatively.

They see it much more as a way of helping the partner, giving them strength and being a support in difficult times. Pisces love to be the passive part of a relationship because it is their way of showing love to their partner.

Pisces is usually selfless, compassionate and emphatic people who only want the best for their partner, emotionally.



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