This is why you screw up your relationships. According to your zodiac sign.

This is why you screw up your relationships. According to your zodiac sign.


You are an egoist. You put your own interests above the relationship and give your partner the feeling that they are not at the top of your priority list. If you want this to change, you should start rethinking your behavior. The world is not just about you.


You are not a good listener. Everything you do is nice to nod and pretend to listen. It is not a good sign of a healthy relationship if there is no interest in the topics of the conversation.

As a bull, you are someone who is very stubborn, which is why other opinions are usually not important to you. But in a relationship, your partner’s opinion should be important to you.


You pretend everything is fine even though you are not feeling well. You assume to be delighted when you are not. You hardly ever express negative emotions so that nobody really knows when something is bothering or hurting you.

Your partner always assumes that you are happy in the relationship, which you may not be. If you do not want to continue screwing up the relationships in your life, then you should open up more and show that you are not feeling well or that something is bothering you.


Unfortunately, you take a lot too personally. You relate almost everything your partner says to yourself. This creates problems and dramas that shouldn’t be there if you weren’t so sensitive.

You always feel misunderstood and feel directly attacked by trivial sentences. You are always worried about something. And this behavior can be very tiring for your partner over time.


You are a very demanding person. You have high expectations for the people around you but also for yourself. Usually, you expect a “perfect” relationship and for this reason, you screw it up because it is difficult to forgive small mistakes.


You are a control freak. Everything that happens in the relationship should be planned in advance by you. You freak out when something goes wrong that you couldn’t foresee. And instead of letting yourself go and enjoying the relationship, you’re more inclined to think about this broken thing.


You are just too nice. The mistake you make in a relationship is that you literally mutate into a yes-man because you don’t want to hurt your partner. You say yes and amen to everything just to please your partner.

You can do almost anything with yourself and that makes your partner question the relationship with you. You are the perfect diplomat, but in a relationship, you also have to stand up for what you want, otherwise, you will not be happy.


You hate having to apologize. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t admit it. You refuse to take responsibility for something that you did wrong.

As a rule, you try to blame others because you think you are always right. In a relationship, such behavior can be extremely damaging and also a reason for separation.


You always have a lot to do because you are enthusiastic about many things in life. You often give people around you the feeling that they are just one of many important people.

And you can sometimes be cruelly straightforward, which can result in people no longer wanting to have an open conversation with you, and in a relationship that can be a good reason for separation.


You are obsessed with the idea of ​​being independent and free. You often go too far and give the people who love you the feeling that they are not important enough for you to bind yourself to them.

In a relationship, you are anything but romantic and unfortunately, you miss the sweet little gestures that go with every relationship too often. You are what you call a “lonely wolf” who always realizes too late when people love him.


You are someone who sits around at home all the time. Sometimes you have the feeling that everything that is fun for others is not fun for you. Just sitting at home and doing nothing is exactly your thing. And that could make a partner who likes to do a lot boring quickly and in the long run, also be a reason for separation.


Your communication skills are not the best. You never really say what you feel, instead, you live in your fantasy world and then you are angry, why your partner doesn’t know how you are doing because you expect the people around you to read your thoughts.


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