Three Things You Should Know About Signs Before Criticising Them

Three Things You Should Know About Signs Before Criticising Them

This is how it is … people criticize you for what you are, what you are not, what you believe, what you say, what you stop doing, and even what you think. The worst thing a person can do is try to fall for these provocations because it is synonymous with saying goodbye to life, your days go by trying to please the other, and at the same time, your smile fades. There are three things you should know about signs before criticizing them. Because you have no idea of ​​the battle they fight every morning, and despite it, they have the courage to smile, to keep going, not to give up. No one should judge you even if they step in your shoes.


He is not always number one, people believe that because he has a brave personality it is synonymous that he can achieve everything. Sometimes, he does not say that he is having a bad time, because there is something inside him that does not make him feel safe, that they will not give him the hand he needs and he prefers to live through crises in silence. In addition, challenges are not essentialAries does not always love to go against the unknown, they also seek calm, they also want to feel at peace with what they do and there are things that they have already got used to and do not plan to change. Finally, it is not an ambitious sign, He is not waiting for the other to have something, to want it too. You are determined, you know what you want and what you deserve, so you are not going to lower your expectations just because people are not ready to deal with it. That is Aries, he is not perfect, but he works very hard to become his best version.


An Earth sign, someone who according to the rest, should know very well where he is stepping, because his meticulous side is the reason why everything works out perfectly. If that were a reality, he would not have to fight with anxiety pictures, the world is coming to Taurus too, he also hides in his room to cry and then pretend nothing is wrong. And no, it is not a boring sign just to say what he likes and what he does not like, he is someone who has learned with hard blows that life is not rosy, but who strives to see his pretty face. They say he’s stubborn, that if things don’t go his way, he loses control. Well no, it is not always like that, there are many times that you have had to face sudden changes, Just because he doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean he’s not having a bad time. Sometimes it is enough to see the concern in their eyes, but few take the time to do so.


They say that he is unstable, that he does not compromise, that his emotions are a myth. Really if these people took the time to know in detail what a Gemini is going through, they would be silent. Because it is not easy to want to be everywhere at the same time, I would give anything to clone yourself, but you cannot and for that reason, you have to let go of the way. Nor is he emotionally closed, the problem is that he wants to open the doors of his heart to people who have not earned it. Gemini prefers a thousand times to make himself a priority rather than settle for a love that can barely offer him the leftovers of his feelings. Geminis do not always want to walk from one place to another, Sometimes, he only does it to clear himself, it is a way of escaping from the pain that he is experiencing, the one that has accumulated over the years and the many experiences. Perhaps, behind a huge smile hides the worst crying.


The zodiac crab, the one who shows no mercy when it comes to attacking. They say that his spiteful side is capable of chilling anyone, but how many talk about what happened? Cancer did not decide to get up one morning and vent his anger on the first person he saw. It was not like that, for you to really occupy a place on his blacklist, it is because you truly broke it without mercy. Also, it is not an exaggeration, if something tells him that you have bad vibes on you, he does not doubt it, he takes you out of his life because his intuition reminds him that other times he has experienced something similar and it turned out to be true. And no, it is not intense either, the problem is that the people he has been involved with are not emotionally mature enough to indulge in love in a way that deeply respects it. That is Cancer, a broken heart that is still willing to love.


Represented by the lion, by the devastating energy, by the brightness of the Sun. That is Leo, a sign that many times has swallowed a lot of unnecessary comments, the one who does not always want to fight, the one who has felt that he does not anything goes right but keep going. That is the Leo that no one talks about, because it is easier to describe him as reckless than down. He also does not want to be the one who always takes the initiative, there are times when he just wants to be conquered when he knows that he can do things alone, but he would not like a hug, a kiss, that desire to give everything and feel vulnerable in sincere hands. And no, Leo doesn’t always like to be the center of attention, what’s more, there are times when you don’t want to know anything about anyone when disappearing would be the best thing to do. Because looks pass, demand, fragment you, and are dangerous, because when you least think you are already doing something for others and not for yourself.


A Virgo will reproach that has rooted the material, which is always haunted by it all, but how many times have you stopped for a moment to ask him what he wants? He does not seek that, he is something deeper, he wants to feel that his effort is worth it, that he is in a place where he feels comfortable, happy, it does not matter if it is something luxurious or humble. That is the true Virgo, and no, everything does not always work out perfectly, he is quite wrong, like everyone else, the difference is that they demand of him, that they want him to shine again after breaking. Nobody does it overnight, not even Virgo. Also, stop believing that you always think from logic and practice, also let the heart decide from time to time. Just because you don’t get carried away with everyone doesn’t mean you’re not a good person. Virgo is much more, but only for a few because being selective is one of the few things that has helped him.


Balance and harmony? Jeez, those are two things Libra has to grapple with every second because it’s an odyssey to maintain them. It is not as easy as everyone thinks. Yes, he gives the best advice, but carrying it out costs him his mental, physical and emotional stability. Libra is not always with the perfect balance, there are times when he wants to throw it away. In addition, he is not obsessed with the spiritual side, people think that because he is noble and empathetic, they can do with their lives what they want, just when he begins to set limits, they judge him as bad. What strange no? Libra can’t be perfect The fact that he is good is not synonymous with that he will smile at you, because what he hates the most is hypocrisy, so if you broke his heart, avoid pretending that nothing happened because he will treat you you you with crude indifference.


Let’s face it, who’s really passionate all the time? We cannot single out Scorpio as someone who falls for any provocation just because he has power in soul and skin. It is a fiery sign, but also very emotional, that few take into account. No one talks about the times he’s been defeated, trusted blindly, and still decided to be cruel. Scorpio is much more than impetuous. He also feels confused, not knowing what he wants from life and often scared, but it is easier to hide all those feelings in the bad image, from which he is capable of knocking you down if he wants to. What’s behind? A Scorpio who has had to learn to embrace his wounds, to smile with pain in the soul. A Scorpio who when he promises loyalty to you, fulfills it, that is his true essence.


The archer, the one who let’s go without fear, the one who, if tomorrow decides that he will be somewhere else, does so. They say so, but what about that Sagittarius who also wants to put down roots? Sometimes, so much hustle and bustle make him forget himself, what he expects from life, what really makes him smile. He doesn’t always run away, but he has had to deal with people who don’t take him seriously. And no, it is not that he does not care about the feelings of others, it is just that his emotional maturity is so great that he decides not to get hooked on the damage that others do him. If you own it, don’t pay it, it will still flow. It has to be clear that Sagittarius is much more than adventures, it is not complicated to love, because it knows what it is to be faithful and it does. However, he is not willing to surrender to a love that does not fulfill him. He is very brave because he does not play with the feelings of others when he is not sure of his own.


Read well, because Capricorn does not always have everything in the place he wants, things get out of hand and many times he feels that the anxiety in his chest takes his last breath. Yet he keeps going, he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t let them trample him. That is Capricorn, the brave one, he is not perfect, nor does he want to, much less seek to humiliate anyone. She is not in a bad mood all the time either, it is just that the seriousness in her face has helped her to ward off those who are not worth it, those who only approach for convenience. Another thing, Capricorn has a very big heart, where tenderness and passion live, but he is not going to give it to just anyone, just to want to show that he is also sensitive. He prefers a thousand times to be said to be hateful than to have to put himself in the hands of those who do not value the noble part of a human being. Perhaps, for some, it is difficult to understand, but Capricorn is for those who really know how to love.


How easy it is to judge an Aquarius! To say that he is lost in his world, that he does not care about anything, and that we do not talk about commitment. It does not sound complicated, because few are the brave who dare to put themselves in his place. He is not disinterested, he learned that in this life it is better to count important people with the fingers of one hand and he does not have to give explanations to the rest. Nor is he the mystical healer, at least not of all. Aquarius, you have enough problems to still seek to solve those of others, it is not your responsibility, and although it has been difficult for you to accept it, now you understand it. It is a humanitarian sign, yes, but not left, do not try to take advantage of his way of being, because you are going to find an Aquarius who does not remain silent, with whom he shouts what he feels and does not hide a single truth. No, not everyone is prepared to deal with such a genuine being.


It amazes me that people feel empowered to break up a Pisces just for the sake of it. Because he is a very sweet being because there is a part of him that always wants to help and that is when they take advantage of it. But no, it is not always like that, when you suspect something or someone, your intuition says it all, does not let go, it invites you to cut ties when necessary. Nor does he live in fantasy all the time, the fact that he runs away from reality from time to time is a simple escape valve, to understand the why of everything. But do not try to underestimate their intelligence, because you can meet the dark side of a Pisces and you are not going to like it. Yes it’s true, worries suck it upHe would like to solve everything around him, but there is a part of him that gives up, is exhausted from so much manipulation, from so much criticism, there comes a point where he feels disgusted and does not want to know anything about anyone. That he does not say it does not mean that he does not feel it.

Three Things You Should Know About Signs Before Criticising Them

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