How many hours of sleep you need according to your zodiac sign

You might be a night owl or an early bird, but it turns out that the stars have their say when it comes to your sleep patterns. And no matter whether you are fighting against the natural tendencies of your zodiac sign or not: Depending on the zodiac sign, there are a certain number of hours of nightly sleep that keep your body balanced and healthy.

Of course, it’s better if you listen to your body and the stars – even if that means going to bed earlier than you would like to secure those extra minutes – because you might feel sick, or tired, or rather feeling hostile when you get too little sleep.

Good news – we’ve figured out how many hours it takes you each night, depending on your zodiac sign, to avoid being the angry, bitter person.

Aries needs 4+ hours of sleep

Aries need more sleep than they get. The typical Aries gets four to five hours of sleep a night, but they will likely need more.

Just like their symbol, Aries, Aries want to be ahead of everyone else and rush into things headlong.

Because they have so much energy … if not used properly, they have trouble sleeping.

If you are a sleep deprived Aries, you can get a few more hours of sleep by sleeping in a cool room and listening to soothing music to calm your active mind.

Aries should also work out excess energy to get a good night’s sleep.

If four to five hours of sleep are okay with you, then go ahead and conquer the world in all the free time you have while everyone else is asleep.

Taurus needs 7+ hours of sleep

For the fixed zodiac sign Taurus, the quality of sleep is more important than the quantity, but Taurus gets along best with seven to eight hours of sleep.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that represents all things beautiful. Of course, bulls sleep well in rooms that are tastefully furnished or at least very hygienic.

And since the Taurus is stubborn, an argument before bed can severely affect the quality of sleep because he cannot let go of his frustration long enough to vanish into dreamland.

Taurus’ addiction also means that they should stop drinking alcohol or bothering with electronic devices a few hours before bed.

Taurus also need a gentle wake up to prepare for a good day. Make sure your alarm clock is gentle; a rough awakening does not go down well with the Taurus.

If you are a Taurus and are having trouble sleeping, then you should try remodeling your bedroom into a visually appealing, cozy cocoon.

Twins need an average of 6 hours of sleep

The over-thinking twin can sleep anywhere from two to 12 hours a night, but the answer to how much sleep the twins actually need is somewhere in the middle. Twins cannot sleep because they stay awake and worry.

The Gemini are also ruled by Mercury, which promotes everyday expression and relationships.

Twins tend to email out wondering if they made the right decision or if they didn’t get an immediate response (because twins are all about communication, and their communication is prompt and detailed) ask yourself if the person ‘hates’ you.

To get a good night’s sleep, it is important for twins to disconnect from electronic devices before bed.

Turn off the phone and leave it in another room. An open window is also a good idea. The best way for twins to fall asleep is with a simple breathing exercise “

Twins may want to try cognitive mixing to promote sleep.

Cancer takes 8+ hours of sleep

Grumpy Cancer sleeps best at home and can suffer from insomnia while traveling.

Ruled by the moon, which stands for sleep in the zodiac, Cancer needs eight hours of sleep and needs to feel cared for in order to relax and drift off to sleep.

Similar to childhood, falling asleep should involve a gentle ritual: a bath, candles and pajamas or nightgowns that are soft and pastel colored.

Cancers cannot sleep without a blanket. A crab without a blanket is like a crab without its shell, the two go well together and need each other.

If you are a cancer and cannot sleep, cover yourself up like a cute little baby and remember that you treat yourself as lovingly as all of the other people who are important to you.

Leo needs 7 hours or less of sleep

The fiery lion sleeps best near his loved ones. And although Leo can sleep through seven hours a night, they don’t always need that much sleep.

As a sign of the actor, some lions can put on a show, go to the after party, and then fall to bed. “Your adrenaline level calms down slightly.

Also, lions sleep best on their backs, like big, lazy jungle cats.

Like the king of the jungle, the lion loves comfort and needs space to rest. They also love to cuddle up.

When it’s time to sleep, they prefer to leave the hustle and bustle behind and just focus on their sleep.

Due to their social nature, Lions can find it difficult to fall asleep on their own.

If you are a Leo, you should turn your bedroom into a sensual dormitory that stimulates your senses while lulling you into La La Land.

Virgo needs 3+ hours of sleep

Congratulations Virgo! You need very little sleep to be successful.

Because Virgo is prone to worry, many Virgos only get three hours of sleep a night.

That is not enough – if you can turn your mind off enough to get at least five hours of sleep, you will be able to perform at your peak.

These worry-eaters tend to worry about everything from bills to emails at work; they suffer from an overly analytical, neurotic, critical mind.

Career-oriented Virgos suffer from work nightmares. Virgos can relieve their worry pain by keeping a diary before bed.

Before bed, write down everything you need to do to ease the Virgo’s self-critical burden.

Libra needs 8 hours of sleep

The balanced Libra needs at least eight hours of sleep every night.

The best health remedy for this high-tension air sign is getting enough sleep. The efforts of balance and satisfaction that a normal Libra day brings with it are diminished during the night.

Chamomile tea, a nice nightgown or pajamas and some light on the window ensure that the scales are balanced and clean. “

Libra are also very picky about where to sleep. She is not a zodiac sign that will be comfortable on a friend’s couch.

They prefer a clean and tidy bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

They really love their bed and they don’t mind spending more time in it. For them, a good night’s sleep is extremely important as it helps them find physical and mental balance.

If you are a Libra then you know that you need nice, peaceful surroundings in which to fall asleep.

Make sure your sleeping space has a balanced mix of beauty and tranquility so that you get the coveted zzzs.

Scorpio needs 8 hours of sleep

The passionate Scorpio loves sleep, but often has problems sleeping at night.

You are born with a very active and intuitive mind that is in a super active mode during the night. You are filled with high energy levels during the night.

Scorpios can go without sleep for a long time, but eventually have to go to bed eight hours to recharge their batteries.

Scorpios, as a rule, prefer a very dark room and dark sheets – even red ones.

People of this zodiac sign wake up slowly and often remember dreams when going from sleep to wakefulness.

If you are a Scorpio who lights the candle on both ends, remember that what goes up must come down too, and that several days of not sleeping will eventually catch up with you.

Sagittarius needs less than 6 hours of sleep

The seldom asleep Sagittarius explains how Keith Richards was able to stay up for nine days while recording a Rolling Stones album.

When it comes to the amount of sleep they need, it is the minimum they can afford.

They can get by on a limited amount of sleep that they can comfortably manage, and that’s because they are always high in energy.

Sagittarius can get by on small naps, and many born under this sign consider sleep a nuisance, but they will eventually crash badly if they don’t take the time to get a few restful hours of sleep.

People born under this sign of the zodiac can also suffer from restless legs syndrome, which is why it is advisable to stretch your legs before going to bed.

If Sagittarius notice restless legs syndrome, take it as an indication that you should plan a vacation to satisfy your travel-loving soul.

As a fire sign, Sagittarians tend to be restless but have meaningful dreams. So remember to keep a dream or astral travel diary if you find that your soul flees to strange places at night.

Capricorn needs 7+ hours of sleep

Capricorns typically sleep seven to eight hours a night regardless of when they go to bed.

For Capricorns, the most serious zodiac sign, sleep is something that simply needs to be done, like eating. Because of this, they take their sleep very seriously.

Because they are very disciplined, they usually have fixed times to go to bed and wake up, but they don’t mind getting a few hours extra sleep when they are on vacation.

However, this only happens when they know that their work does not suffer from their sleep.

A side effect of the serious Capricorn is the added stress of taking everything so seriously.

Stress can disrupt Capricorn sleep, so a few minutes of meditation before bed can help push the day aside to focus on what really matters – getting eight hours of sleep.

Aquarius needs 4+ hours of sleep

Super strong Aquarians can get by on very little sleep. Even exercise does not make this zodiac sign tired.

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, your body and mind are likely always on the go and you only sleep four hours a night on a regular basis.

If there is one sign that is sleep deprived, it is Aquarius, because people born under this sign always urge themselves to stay awake until the early hours of the morning.

They are always thinking about the people around them, what they think of them, the future and all sorts of things.

Getting enough sleep is something of a second job for Aquarians, because their bodies will fight it with every step.

If you’re exhausted, try a nightly yoga routine, turning off electronic devices at least an hour before bed, and taking a hot bath.

Fish need 8-18 hours of sleep

Sensitive fish need eight to nine hours of deep, dreamy slumber. And that is rather little. Fish can easily sleep for up to 18 hours a day.

Your sleep is not only a way to relax physically, it is also a door to your dream world that helps you calm down emotionally and spiritually.

In this way they seal themselves off from the harsh outside world and enjoy just being happy. They are intelligent people who also learn by analyzing their dreams.

For Pisces, sleep is an engaging activity that is not only essential for survival, but also as enjoyable as reading a good book or watching an exciting movie.


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