Signs That This Year Known Their Most Broken Version But Also The Strongest

Signs That This Year Known Their Most Broken Version But Also The Strongest

One day you feel sores in your soul, that moment when breathing is not enough. When you try and try, but you can’t get out of the same thing. This year was crude, he did not warn, it only fragmented our hearts until no more tears could come out. It was you against a wave of unstoppable anger. People you loved left you, you lost your livelihood, the desire for everything. You sank so much that for a while you couldn’t see yourself in front of the mirror, it wasn’t you. You were a shadow full of pain.  The zodiac signs on this list know what I’m talking about, they are signs that this year knew their most broken version but also the strongest. 

1.- Taurus 

It was a year of lessons, you realized that things are not always as they are painted. That many of those who said they love you with their soul, fled when they saw you with depression. You discovered that there are good people who can give you a hand even if they have no idea who you are. A year in which your patience was put to the test because there was something in you that still had hope, but without realizing it you got out of the way and fell back into the hole. You had to leave a place where you were never welcomed and for that, you give thanks to life, because discomfort took you away from where you were not loved. You reconnected with your spiritual side, the one that was desperate to be heard, and soon found relief in the faith that you hid. Now, you know that you may be crying in pain, but you can also stand up stronger. You discovered that you are much stronger than you imagined.

2.- Leo 

There is something that Leo stays with above all, all the times that he failed by not failing others. This year he revealed the true faces of those around him, false friendships came to light, and he soon understood that life is not as simple as it seems. No matter how hard you try to do good, there will always be someone behind you, a negative shadow that is waiting for you to neglect to get on your feet and see you fall. Yes, you had to cry, you had to tear from your soul moments that you would think would remain tattooed until the last of your days. You had to cling to your dominant side, resist and resist, even though tears clouded your eyes. This year Leo learned that being fierce is not an option, that you have to take out the lion in you and defend yourself no matter what happens because there are people who do not deserve their noble side. He also understood that it is best to work in silence, to let success make noise in the end because envy appears out of nowhere and they are experts in disguising themselves. This is how it is, there are battles that are better to take behind closed doors because you never know the intention of others.

3.- Scorpio 

Definitely what Scorpios learned from this year is that there is nothing more painful than saying goodbye to someone who will continue to be part of their days. It is a sign that is difficult to trust, but it has a naive side that tells you that everything is fine and that is when they see your face. It hurts to realize that your own family, friends for years, and even loves, are the ones that end up doing you the most damage. That’s when there is no choice but to say goodbye, getting toxic people out is very hard. Above all, because Scorpio is very emotional, passionate, he lets his feelings decide, but it is not always for the best. Sometimes, it is best to think with a cool head, to save a little what your heart says, and to put up barriers. Scorpio, understood that emotional pain is not compared to physical, because you feel that the air is leaving you, nothing fills you and you find a bad point in everything. However, he learned that he is no longer there to explain anything to anyone, when the other is doing wrong he knows it, it is not the responsibility of Scorpio to try to change his attitude. There are many things that hurt him and he did not say anything, but this is better.

4.- Sagittarius 

Dear Sagittarius, everything did not turn out as you expected, but you will be fine. There is a part of you that is not willing to let go, that decides to smile even with a broken soul. This year it taught you that you are not always going to have a hand when you fall, and that’s okay because you have to learn to be with yourself. To cry at dawn if necessary and remind yourself that you can always. It is not good to idealize people, because when you are faced with reality it hurts. It is very hard to realize that what you believed never existed, that your imagination made you mask the cruel personality of others, and that your emotions are not always ready to resist it. No one told you that it would hurt so much to miss someone, that anxiety would become your best company. You ended up being cold because it was the best way you found to keep yourself safe. You faced the worst, but it was very clear to you that if you have to ask someone for forgiveness, it is yourself, for all the times you allowed someone to trample you. No longer, that Sagittarius is in the past and you do not think to turn a bit.

5.- Capricorn 

Go that this year gave you a tremendous shock, the kind that does not warn, the kind that steals your tears and leaves a hole in your stomach. There is a part of you that disappears, that no matter how hard you try to pretend that everything is fine, inside you are torn to pieces. You had to let go of someone you loved, it was not your intention, but deep down you know it was for the best. You learned that your love is not enough, you need the other to also take the step. Capricorn, you are no longer there to beg, you want to be valued. You decide to stay with real friends, the loves that fill you, the family members that drive you. You don’t want any more storms in your days, at least not the ones you can’t control. People would never understand how much damage it did to you, but you don’t plan to explain anything to them either. Now, you prefer to let go, stay with what makes you a better person. The bad streaks of this year invited you to discover a strong part of yourself that you did not know, the one that taught you that in the end, you can always do everything.

6.- Libra 

Yes, Libra understood that no matter how many smiles you have given a person, they are not a guarantee that you will receive the same in return. The confinement of this year led him to think a lot of things, to realize that there are people who are in his life just to be there. That his noble side opened the doors to dark souls, who deep down only seek to hurt and minimize each of his advances. That Libra no longer exists, now he decided to show his firm side, the one that is not going to settle for anyone’s toxicity. Libra, you no longer want to go out of your way to make cruel people look good, because not everyone has good intentions, and accepting that is fine. You learned that the best thing you can do is work on yourself, heal your wounds, be a better person, and not get hooked on the opinion of others. He is so brave that he is not going to let the damage done to him by others transform his way of being. In his heart there is purity, there is love, there is a desire to move on, and that nothing and no one will be able to take it away.

7.- Aries 

Aries, needed so much from others, cried for someone who was not worth it, truly gave himself up, loved as if there was no tomorrow, what for? To receive only a bunch of crumbs that got stuck deep in her insecurities. He gave up, he will no longer be the same person, this year he changed him in such a profound way that he does not think to lower his guard for anyone. Perhaps, realizing that many of the people who considered important do not care about your effort, was enough to open your eyes. Aries understood that he does not always have to be at the foot of the canyon, that there are people who do not even deserve to speak to him, and yes, it hurts a lot, but it is better to walk away now than to settle for a lifetime with someone who does not bring happiness to your days. He is no longer willing to carry anyone’s bitterness, let them keep their bad vibes because he will continue to move forward regardless of any comment or criticism. This year he taught him that he is not here to fulfill other people’s dreams, there are already enough of his, to be forgotten. Aries never wanted to go, it’s just that he realized that he no longer knew how to be there, and that was the best decision of his life.


Signs That This Year Known Their Most Broken Version But Also The Strongest

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