This Is The Best Advice For Separating Any Zodiac Sign

This Is The Best Advice For Separating Any Zodiac Sign

Are you considering breaking up, are you in the middle of it or are you already through the breakup? Then you should keep this advice in mind. Tailored to each zodiac sign

This is what you should do if you break up

1. Aries

For Aries, a breakup sometimes feels like a competition. Who goes out of the relationship as the “winner”? Who is the one who breaks up and already has new plans? Aries definitely does not want to go out of the relationship as a “loser”. However, if he pretends to be strong and unaffected and tries to hide his feelings, it will negatively affect his healing process. He should deal with the situation and allow feelings, then at some point the Aries can go on normally again and move forward. The best way is to let go and cut off contact with the ex completely.

2. Taurus

The Taurus likes to stick to a routine. He likes to feel safe and know what to expect. When heartache and lovesickness are added, Taurus falls into old patterns and has difficulty looking forward. He gets stuck and can’t get out. The Taurus should break its patterns and try new things. This will on the one hand distract him and on the other hand give him new paths and opportunities. He could go on a game night, go on a spontaneous trip or venture out on a sailing tour.

3. Gemini

It is rare for twins to be heartbroken for a long time. One of their strengths is always to move forward. However, a hard separation can take the wind out of the sails of twins. In such a case, they have to be able to return to positive thoughts and focus on their friendships or their careers. If Gemini put their energy in there, the rest will follow, and soon they will be better.

4. Cancer

The sensitive Cancer has it particularly difficult with separations. He’s only getting over it slowly. When he starts a new relationship, he will never “go all in” immediately, but first seek trust before revealing his feelings. Cancer is terrified of being hurt. And then, if a break occurs, he suffers bitterly from heartache. But in order to get out of this hole, the cancer must not stand in its own way. He must learn to understand that not all relationships are made to last.

5. Leo

A separation can be difficult for the proud Leo. This charming zodiac sign is used to all the people he surrounds himself with and it becomes difficult for him to say goodbye to one. The Leo can’t handle the fact that someone doesn’t return their affection. It is best for him to surround himself with people who love and appreciate him. He can also take care of himself and let himself be pampered, which will quickly get the lion back on track.

6. Virgo

When a relationship ends, Virgo goes into a kind of analysis mode. Instead of just grieving for the end of the relationship, she tries to figure out what exactly went wrong, thereby suppressing her painful emotions. The problem, however, is that it doesn’t just make the feelings go away. In fact, the heartache can turn into self-doubt. The virgin should face her feelings and listen to what would help her most now.

7. Libra

Libra attaches great importance to balance in their life. In addition, she is also ruled by the love planet Venus and is therefore very susceptible to the thought that she absolutely and always needs a partner. The interruption or separation of such a connection will cause the scales to wobble. But right now is the best chance for them to grow. She has to find her personal balance without the help of a partner, then she can go through the world openly again.

8. Scorpio

The Scorpio is very bad at breakups. Especially when he’s the one forsaken. To him it feels like treason. However, he should use his negative energy sensibly through the separation. The Scorpio has to finish with this and focus on himself. He must not see the breakup as a personal attack, then he will be able to move on.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not very good at making long-term bonds. It can therefore quickly happen to him that a relationship is ended. However, he does not torment himself with separation pain and lovesickness. A broken heart rarely hits Sagittarius and if they do, they should briefly let their feelings run free and then look forward again and think of the positive.

10. Capricorn

The zodiac sign Capricorn is very independent. He is smart, motivated, and disciplined. Sometimes the Capricorn thinks he is alone and has to do everything by himself. But that’s not true. Especially when it comes to heartbreak, he can consult his friends and get distracted. Under no circumstances should he go through this difficult time alone. In addition, the Capricorn should learn that it is also okay to be unproductive and sad and just do nothing. Then the healing will come by itself.

11. Aquarius

Emotions can be very harsh for Aquarius. He prefers to have a sober, more philosophical view of life. It can be difficult for Aquarius to break free from the emotional chaos of a breakup. He feels uncomfortable when the flood of emotions hits him and grief takes him by surprise. However, he must learn to allow the feelings and not to eat them into himself. Only then can he dare to restart.

12. Pisces

For romantics like Pisces, a breakup can be a real blow. They feel like they will never be happy again in their life. Unlike Aquarius, Pisces can’t help but sink into their sad emotions and fall into a deep hole. While it’s good to process these feelings, Pisces should draw a line at some point. Otherwise you will wallow in self-pity forever and never get out. Distraction is the magic word! Pisces should better spend time with friends and family, reading books and watching movies. This is how they can survive the pain of separation.


This Is The Best Advice For Separating Any Zodiac Sign

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