11 Things You Should Know If You Go With Taurus

11 Things You Should Know If You Go With Taurus

If you are dating Taurus or are thinking about doing it, you should read this article. Taurus always wants the best of the best, in any sense, but the important thing is not that, the important thing is that he loves to share it with the person who is next to him. They are reliable and if they tell you that they will be there for you, it will be true. Resistant on the outside but so soft on the inside… It is a simple sign but at the same time complex, but yes, completely adorable. These are the 11 things you should know if you are dating Taurus :

♥ Taurus knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like. This is why they are known for their “stability.” They are very focused on their way, on their things, and that does not mean that they are boring but they do need that push and maybe a little pressure from the right person to do something different than what they are used to. But a little bit, don’t overdo it, and with good arguments, not just because. You have to introduce the idea slowly. And make sure it feels comfortable and not obligated.

♥ Although he sometimes denies her, the family for Taurus is a fundamental pillar. Taurus needs to surround himself with his people, with his group, with people with whom he has ties and in reality, in the future, he would love to create the same. The family for them may or may not be of blood. For him to consider you one of his own it will take time but once you are inside, to the death with you. It has values ​​and codes that it can boast about. It complies.

♥ In spite of that harshness that characterizes him, Taurus is a hopeless romantic, really. He tends to look for “the great love of his life”, he does not throw himself into the arms of just anyone. He prefers stability, he prefers that his feelings come out with someone who is worthwhile. They like to take their time and feel the other person, and that in one night, is not achieved … This is the third of the 11 things you should know if you go out with Taurus.

♥ In Taurus you can trust. If it tells you that it will be there, it will be there until the end. He needs you to show him every day that you are worth it but, even if you spoil it sometime and Taurus gets very angry, if you need him from the heart, he will always help you in what he can.

♥ Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, the planet of sensuality. Some influence has to have, even in the coldest and driest of all. They enjoy very much with all their senses. Touch is something important, touch, feel that your body is revolutionized with just a glance, with a smell … Taurus has an extraordinary sensitivity that is discovered as you get to know him.

♥ With the bull you have to measure the words you say, because it is not worth that I said it like that but I did not feel it. To Taurus, everything that the person who cares says stays with him. And sometimes he suffers too much because he thinks that at the moment it was said, he felt. And it’s a horrible thing because you can’t get that idea out of your head no matter how hard you try to fix it. It is only time that ends up curing it. Do not forget this of the 11 things you should know if you date with Taurus.

♥ Taurus loves to have details with people who are close. He is a person who notices everything even if it sometimes seems that he does not. If you said three months ago that you liked that watch when you passed a shop window, Taurus realized because he listened to you. And without you noticing, he stayed in his head with the name of the store, with the brand of the watch, with the name of the street, and not with the phone because it did not appear. But come on, that’s the way it is with everything, and he doesn’t skimp on expenses.

♥ When they fall in love, they change. The gray world turns to color, his cold demeanor turns soft, warm. He begins to let himself be pampered, to let himself be loved, little by little he opens up. Little by little you get to know him and he begins to show you how the world sees him and how he really is.

♥ Taurus is faithful by nature. Yes, of course there may be exceptions, but as a general rule, you are not interested in looking outside for something that is “inside”. They give a lot of security to the person next to them. It will be totally delivered but it has to be seen that it is a matter of two.

♥ If there is no problem, everything will be fine and jealousy will not float. But when he begins to distrust something he has seen, that he has been told, that he has felt, he begins to turn his head and can become very controlling. Jealousy mishandled can lead to many problems. And he really wants to control it but if he senses that something is wrong, he knows it, there is always a reason. As small as it is to get like this.

♥ Infidelity for Taurus is a mortal sin, it is best not to risk. And if you are going to do it or have in mind what could happen, leave it or tell him, but do not betray him. It is something that will have no remedy, he can even become obsessed and he will never forgive him no matter how in love he is with you. As much as you can try again. That will carry you on for the rest of your life. There are things that time, unfortunately, does not heal. It just softens.


11 Things You Should Know If You Go With Taurus

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