4 Signs That Seem Bad But Are In Reality A Love

4 Signs That Seem Bad But Are In Reality A Love

Look at the essence and not the appearance. There are signs that give us chills just by exchanging glances, because his face is scary. They show themselves as cold souls, who are not interested in having any affective bond. However, beyond the case hides a heart full of goodness, they are actually a love, but they go through life with a shell because they do not want to be hurt again. These are the 4 signs that seem bad but are actually love:

They are affection signs, they do not remain silent, their character is one of weapons to take. This is because life has made them resilient, they have learned that ups and downs cannot be avoided and, sometimes, there is nothing left but to wipe away the tears, take a deep breath and keep moving forward. They are tough, but when someone knows how to treat their scars with love, they show their sweeter side:


Aries is a fearsome sign, it is the one who has fire in his eyes. Do not tell Aries that he is not ready to do something, because his courage is present. He is a lover of risk, challenges are part of his breathing, he is not afraid of anything. Andalthough they may have the face of few friends, deep down they are a being full of loyalty, sweetness and empathy. Behind that explosive personality hides a soul willing to give everything for the people it loves.

Aries has nothing to do with what he appears to be, but he knows that it is better this way, because there are many people who want to see him fall. It is a sign that arouses envy, because it dares what the rest do not. However, he knows how to save his ego when necessary, he becomes the most humble to help those who need it. He is the warrior who fights for what he loves, for what he likes and against people who harm his loved ones. This is Aries, he plays it for you.


Virgo is the one who dresses in coldness, with a perfectionism that makes anyone tremble. He is the one who sinks into the daily routine of work so as not to show his vulnerable side. Well,in reality it is an accumulation of feelings,so much so that, sometimes, he does not know what to do himself. He is the one who has intellect in every word, he likes formality and showing himself as a serious person, it is the only way in which they cannot manipulate him.

However, she has a kind soul, because deep down she always wants the people she loves to feel comfortable in every way. It is the one who becomes your confidant, one of the most prudent and understanding signs. When he feels confident, he becomes loving, attentive and very detailed. Virgo treats you the same way you treat him, he is the one who gives things from the heart without expecting anything in return.


They call it intense, mysterious and combative. And it is that not everyone is prepared to see such a free and warrior soul, like Scorpio . He is the one who prefers to observe the situation before taking a wrong step, he does not trust anyone. He is cautious in what he says and does, he is always ready to attack and just look at him to feel his overflowing energy. affection but it is anything but dangerous. 

Behind that complex personality, there is a person who puts aside the authoritarian and cruel, to give in to the people he loves. When he decides to give you his heart, he takes it very seriously. Scorpio does not know how to love half, he is one of those who is passionate to the bone, he screams from the rooftops how much he loves someone. He is loyal and fights until the last battle, he does not let anyone lay a single finger on you.


Sagittarius is also one of the 4 signs that seem bad but are actually love. The sign that makes the rest nervous, because it has no filter. He is the one who arrives with a rapturous force, no matter who stands in his way. His character is very tough, he likes to make clear what he wants and there are few who can against his arguments, he is very intelligent. Sometimes you don’t listen to reasons and just follow your heart, you don’t care about anything other than being happy.

Not everyone has the gift of reading Sagittarius. He is a mischievous soul, who takes the seriousness out of life, he is the one who makes you remember your dreams. Once he decides that you are part of his days, prepare yourself for a genuine love, the one that does not demand, that does not try to tie you down. Sagittarius always wants more, he is the one who tests you and shows you the true meaning of love.


4 Signs That Seem Bad But Are In Reality A Love

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