These Zodiac Signs Will Get A Marriage Proposal In 2023

Marriage Proposal In 2023

These Zodiac Signs Will Get A Marriage Proposal In 2023

For some zodiac signs, the new year holds a big surprise in store – in terms of relationships. Because according to the horoscope, they will be asked the question of all questions and they can look forward to a marriage proposal. You can find out which zodiac signs these are here.

For these zodiac signs, the engagement may be in 2023.


The Taurus relationship is as solid as it has ever been. They have mastered all ups and downs and they can start the new year full of love. And 2023 means well to them! Taurus are surprised by their favorite person with an ultra-romantic marriage proposal. Maybe even in the first half of the year. And then it’s time to find a maid of honor or witnesses!


For Aries, 2023 will be the year of love. It hasn’t been as good for this zodiac sign for a long time as it is now. Aries knows how important it is to look after yourself and plan enough me-time. This positivity also affects those around him. So things are going really well in the relationship and Aries couldn’t be happier with their favorite person. To top it off, the eagerly awaited marriage proposal follows this year.


The lion likes to be the center of attention – that is well known. He has been waiting for a marriage proposal from his loved one for a long time. Because he finally wants to celebrate himself and his love again! Mainly because his relationship is going better than ever. So this zodiac sign is ready for the next step and finally wants to tie the knot. In 2023 the time has come and the lion will most likely also get a marriage proposal.

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