These Three Zodiac Signs Are Happier When Single

Happier When Single

These Three Zodiac Signs Are Happier When Single

Free weekend evenings to spontaneously meet up with friends at the nearest bar for a few drinks, no commitments to keep you from doing what you want to do, planning trips with no regard for someone else’s holiday plans increasing have to, just be free, spontaneously and flexibly do what you feel like doing – yes, for some zodiac signs, single life brings tons of advantages.

Not everyone is cut out to be single, but these three zodiac signs live to be free and independent.


With Gemini, it can happen that he’s super in love with someone today – and not so much next month. People with this zodiac sign are extremely erratic and are always looking for something new to keep them happy. In a relationship, they want maximum freedom. For example, if you want to work abroad for a few months, you have to be able to do that. Otherwise, twins prefer to be without a partner!


Aries is born single. He loves being completely independent and enjoying his freedom to the fullest. His me-time is very important to him, which is why he often feels guilty in relationships when he wants to be alone. He’s just happier single when he doesn’t have to account to anyone.


Virgos are said to be organized, practical, perfectionistic, and last but not least – choosy. One thing is certain: you have both feet on the ground and are extremely independent. They definitely don’t “need” a partner. If so, they want someone who will surprise them with their view of the world. Of course, not everyone is eligible – and before Virgo-born chooses any nice son or daughter-in-law, they prefer to stay alone. 

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