These Zodiac Signs Never Want To Get Married

Never Want To Get Married

These Zodiac Signs Never Want To Get Married

While some people have been planning their wedding since childhood, others place less importance on marriage. They would rather stay free and keep everything open. Even if they are super happy in their relationship, some zodiac signs will probably never marry. You can find out what these are here.

These zodiac signs do not believe in marriage.


The fire sign likes to live in its own fantasy world and often feels misunderstood by others. While Aries-born is incredibly romantic, they also tend to feel constricted easily. Even if they are happy in a relationship, they can never completely shed their free-spirited nature. They see the potential for conflict in a wedding and therefore prefer to remain unmarried.


Even self-confident Leos need their freedom and find it difficult to get involved with other people. As a result, the zodiac sign quickly feels restricted and prefers to end the relationship. Also, lions enjoy the attention. So if the zodiac sign decided to stay with one person forever, they would also be afraid of not being the center of attention quite as often. Means: according to the horoscope, relationships for eternity are not for lions and they break out in a cold sweat in front of the altar.


Okay, basically Geminis are just extremely skeptical about marriage. They think that every marriage ends in divorce anyway, so why get married at all?! They also have a rebellious, changeable nature, which sometimes makes a relationship with them a challenge. And even if the relationship has lasted for many years, this zodiac sign prefers it unconventional. Because love does not necessarily have to be sealed with a signature.

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