These 3 Zodiac Signs Expect A Phase Of Lovesickness During The Christmas Season 2022

A Phase Of Lovesickness

These 3 Zodiac Signs Expect A Phase Of Lovesickness During The Christmas Season 2022

As joyful as the holiday season can be, it can also take a toll on your relationship. If you’ve been struggling for a while, the holiday season can turn even the smallest disagreement into something much worse.

While some people choose to wait until after the holidays to consider ending a relationship, astrologers say there are zodiac signs who don’t hesitate to break up with their partner during the holiday season.

These 3 zodiac signs will most likely break up with their partners during the holiday season:


The 2022 holiday season will be a difficult time overall for Aquarius. If it becomes too much, he or his partner may decide to end the relationship.

Christmas will challenge you to reflect on who you really are and where it feels most like home. For you, this time brings clarity about how you can leave behind a relationship that you are actually very attached to.

However, there is incredibly strong energy here, so it will be a step on a larger scale.

This is part of your larger journey to yourself and what you really need. You are the eternal seeker, so it’s no surprise that your home may be very different from what you imagined

However, it often takes a lot to acknowledge this and then find the courage to go through with it. For you, it’s now more about looking at what you need in a romantic relationship rather than figuring out how to fix it. Find what really suits you.

This shifts your mindset from maintaining a relationship to being able to let go of what is outdated naturally. The relationship in your life is probably one that is very committed. Of course, this makes it harder to quit. But it will do you good in the end.


Romance, fun, and creativity are the most important things for you during the Christmas season. But work, effort, and perseverance are also important to you now.

Because of this, you might feel restricted or oppressed in your relationships. You may feel like the fun is gone in your relationship and you may decide to leave for something that feels less heavy.

You will also be pleasantly surprised by a declaration of love from someone close to you. And that might confuse you.

This alone means there will be dramatic changes in your love life; However, the holiday season brings the third of three closely related aspects that will change your relationship forever.

This time will challenge your healing and your desire for more. It may be that you long for a fulfilling, unconditional, adventurous, and stable relationship, and for that, you have to let go of the old first.

You’re no longer content to sit next to someone watching Netflix, you want to feel like your relationship has meaning. You want to be inspired by the person you are in a relationship with.

But you feel like maybe you love her but ultimately know that she is not the person who makes you happy. This is a feeling you cannot ignore.

The challenging aspects will culminate at Christmas and you will make a decision. It will feel like a sudden wake-up call to what you have been ignoring and you will no longer be able to move on.

It’s often said that a relationship ends long before either person actually says anything, and this can be the right time for you to realize it’s true.


At Christmas 2022 you will begin to focus more on having and maintaining secure relationships.

If you are a Gemini and are currently in a casual relationship, you may consider ending it for something more meaningful. You only want relationships with staying power. Everything else can fade away.

Besides, you’ve already begun to realize that you can’t go on like this. Since you have the realization that you want more, it affects your whole sense of what love even is.

You are particularly sensitive right now, which means you feel things more intensely than others. It’s not just a relationship, it’s your life. It’s not just a relationship, it’s your twin flame. You long for this intensity and you want to feel completely understood by your partner. 

Unfortunately, you know that your current relationship can’t give you that. You have no choice but to end it. Still, you’re putting off that decision for a while.

At Christmas, however, there is a turnaround. It is time to accept everything as it is and to see the truth in all aspects of your life.

This means seeing them in your relationship as well. In that sense, it feels like a decision is finally being made. Of course, it’s not easy! It even becomes very painful!

However, you must make sure that you clear any remaining cobwebs of old stories or old lovers during this time. It’s time to embrace your worth and take those feelings to someone who truly appreciates them.

You deserve it! So get what you deserve and don’t continue to settle for less because it’s your comfort zone. You can do it if you stay consistent and keep your word!

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