These zodiac signs are very afraid of relationships

Some people find it extremely difficult to get involved in relationships and to open up. Be it because they are afraid of being hurt or because they just don’t want to give up their freedom. There are various reasons for this. Often, however, a person’s zodiac sign can tell you a lot about their attitude towards partnerships.

These three signs of the zodiac in particular are rather skeptical of relationships.


Sagittarius loves his freedom and in no way wants to give it up. But in his eyes, that’s exactly what happens in relationships. He’s easy to feel constricted and difficult to compromise. Although he longs for a partner he can trust, at the same time he does not manage to fully engage in a relationship. Instead, he blocks and prefers to withdraw. His freedom is just too important to him to risk. This thought is so firmly anchored in him that he completely overlooks the fact that a relationship can also be something beautiful.


When it comes to relationships, Leo is one of those things. The otherwise strong zodiac sign that seems to be in control of everything is actually very afraid of becoming attached. As is well known, the lion likes to be the center of attention and prefers to attract all the attention. But he really only wants to cover up his insecurity, which is also evident when it comes to partnerships. His biggest concern is getting hurt. Because his ego is so in his way, the proud Leo usually does not even get involved in anything serious.


Cancers are incredibly emotional and empathetic people. These qualities are particularly valued by his friends. But when it comes to relationships, the emotional side of cancer often gets in the way. When it comes to opening up to a potential partner, this zodiac sign closes itself. Cancer is in fact very afraid of being hurt. Because this has happened to him far too often in the past, he takes it pretty slowly. However, it is often too slow for his counterpart. He has to be careful not to sabotage his own happiness!

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