These zodiac signs are totally addicted to coffee

Whether espresso, cappuccino or iced coffee – some just can’t get enough of coffee! You love the brown beans in all shapes and forms and are almost never on the go without a coffee cup or coffee-to-go mug.

These three zodiac signs in particular need caffeine all the time.


Absolutely nothing works for the Capricorn without coffee. This zodiac sign is extremely career-oriented and super ambitious and in order to implement everything that he puts on his already full to-do list, the Capricorn needs caffeine without end. The brown gold is already flowing through his veins! Without it, it just doesn’t work. Making a cup of cappuccino first thing in the morning is a fixed part of his morning routine. That’s why he also makes sure that there is always enough coffee in the house!


The Virgo is also an absolute coffee fanatic. She loves it in all colors and shapes and has her very special creation for every season, which she then prefers to drink. She has already perfected her way of making coffee, and of course she only uses the best machines! She is also known in her circle of friends for her love for brown gold and everyone knows: the Jungfrau has the best coffee dates!


The lion’s greatest nightmare: running out of coffee in the house! He drinks it like water and is downright addicted to it. Before he has even opened his eyes properly in the morning, he has already had a cup of espresso. Otherwise, it just doesn’t get going. If it doesn’t get its usual number of cups, it can become uncomfortable. Maybe switch to decaffeinated every now and then?

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