These Zodiac Signs Are Prone To Infidelity In Relationships

Infidelity In Relationships

These Zodiac Signs Are Prone To Infidelity In Relationships

Some people don’t take it very seriously when it comes to fidelity in a relationship. Even if they don’t really want to, some zodiac signs tend to be unfaithful to their partner.

These zodiac signs are often unfaithful in a relationship.


Aquarius is easily bored in a relationship. He wants to have adventures and discover new things. As soon as this zodiac sign is in a long-term relationship and the initial nervousness slowly subsides, it is therefore prone to infidelity. Because the Aquarius would do anything to get that certain kick. Most of the time he doesn’t even think about how much he hurts the other person. However, this zodiac sign is also honest and usually confesses its infidelity immediately.


Sagittarius is always looking for validation. That’s why he flirts all the time, even when he’s in a relationship. His behavior seems incredibly selfish to outsiders, but it’s more because he has far too little self-confidence and therefore needs validation to feel better. Although Sagittarius loves to flirt with others, they would never actually cheat on their partner. Nevertheless, he hurts him with his behavior without really realizing it.


The twin loves to communicate incredibly well and often goes overboard with it. Especially when alcohol is involved, the open nature of this zodiac sign is quickly interpreted by others as flirting. He tends to forget that he’s in a relationship. But as soon as he has a clear head again, he immediately regrets his act and confesses it to his partner. Actually, twins are particularly loyal souls and never want to hurt their counterparts.


Cancer is a very fearful person. However, this fear quickly becomes his undoing in a relationship. Because he fears that his partner doesn’t love him the way he loves him and therefore flees for fear of being hurt. That’s why Cancer tends to be unfaithful. Because it’s his way of feeling powerful and taking control of the relationship. In contrast, Cancer is also very jealous and very clingy in the relationship. These contradictory signals usually confuse his partner and that is also the reason why one or the other relationship breaks up.

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