According To Your Sign, What Is Your Deepest Wound

Deepest Wound

According To Your Sign, What Is Your Deepest Wound

Never judge someone without knowing what is behind their story. Sometimes sadness, pain, and disappointment are hidden in that laughter that can be heard for miles. It’s not easy to break the bubble and shout to the world that there are things that haunt you night and day. Just as you deal with your demons, there are others doing the same. Maybe, he doesn’t say it, but each zodiac sign has a deep wound. Open your eyes more and criticize less. What is your deepest wound according to your sign?


Sometimes your ego doesn’t ask for your permission, it arrives and makes you believe that the competition is the only thing that will save you from the rest. So, you cling to wanting to be the first in everything, but that breaks you because no matter how hard you try and give your best, there is always something that makes you feel insufficient. It’s like that, you can’t beat everyone, even if it’s hard for you to accept it, losing teaches you, and recognizing it increases your humility.


There are times when you don’t even tolerate your way of being, because you can become the most stubborn person in the world, and you refuse to change. Once you find a routine, you do everything to make it last forever, but if it doesn’t, you get stressed and that’s when you lose your mind. You are too cruel to yourself as if you don’t have the ability to get back up and you reproach yourself.


Your thoughts are a strange combination of wanting to be alone and at the same time surrounding yourself with a lot of people, even strangers. You like to immerse yourself in new minds and you value anything that increases your intellectuality. However, there is something you don’t say, you’re scared of being pointed at, and you feel a lot of anxiety when they judge you or you think they do. Therefore, you walk away at the least expected moment.


It may be that for the rest of the people you see yourself as someone strong, you do not leave anyone and you always end up achieving your goals. However, you have to deal with your insecurities, all those things that overwhelm you until dawn and that you don’t tell anyone. Sometimes it’s your emotional side, you wear yourself out by being there for others and you forget about yourself.


Your steps are full of courage, a touch of pride, and a light that has the intensity to envelop anyone. You have saved many, even without realizing it, but people appreciate your company. People are intimidated by your potential and you don’t notice it, because you are busy, thinking that you need constant approval and validation. You’re great, but as long as you don’t believe it, it’s useless.


Even when? You have spent an entire life thinking about others, you do your best to satisfy expectations that have never really been in your interest. You are too precious, but you go around thinking that people are doing you a favor by putting you on their priority list. Virgo, it is not pity, they love you and you must start to assimilate it.


As much as you give all of yourself, and strive to be a good, attentive, empathetic, and supportive person, it is impossible for you to achieve peace everywhere. Let’s see, Libra, it is not your responsibility to solve the lives of those you love, you can accompany them, but stop carrying what does not belong to you, because your ship is sinking. Conflict from time to time does not hurt anyone, do not stop it.


Relationships for you are synonymous with strong problems, especially when they come together from their shortcomings. You tend to be too understanding, to the point of exaggerating and justifying the negative part of the other. Perhaps that is your deepest wound, the fact that you cling to a bond that hurts you, just because you are not ready to say goodbye. It’s a constant struggle because you get angry, but it’s hard for you to let go.


You have become an expert in stealing smiles from those who need them most. There is so much goodness in your soul, that you break. However, where are you? The compassion of others is destroying your physical, mental, and emotional state. It is not worth being used as if you were a trash can. Nobody cares about your cracks and that’s too unfair, that means you’re with the wrong person.


That desire to have it all has led you to cover one wound after another, but deep down you feel much emptier than at first. Capricorn, realize that you are much more than something material. Your ambition is forcing you to separate yourself from the things that are really worth it. Discipline and perseverance are good, but nothing justifies your life being synonymous with stress and anxiety.


Detachment is not as healthy as it seems. Nobody beats you when it comes to putting a full stop, you prefer not to get hooked in any way and that is why you end up hiding your emotions. Aquarius, being the rebel of the zodiac can lead you to be destructive with yourself, because you deprive yourself of love, friendship, and family relationships. Nothing happens if you are intense, it’s okay, let everything flow.


Without a doubt, it is much easier to evade reality than to face all the demons that visit you daily. Your fantasy side helps you block out what hurts you, but it’s for a while, when you take off the blindfold it hurts twice as much. Give yourself the opportunity to feel the tears on your face, the courage in your chest, and the desire to tell people not to interfere in your life. It’s not wrong to put yourself as a priority.

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