These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Unpopular When Dating

Unpopular When Dating

These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Unpopular When Dating

Singles don’t always have it easy when looking for a partner. Online or in real life, dating is extremely difficult. Even more so for some zodiac signs because they don’t make a good first impression.

These zodiac signs are extremely unpopular in dating:


The bull is simply a good soul, unfortunately, he cannot show that right from the start. The shy zodiac sign needs time to get out of it. This makes it difficult for his date to really get to know Taurus and feel a real connection. Dating tip for Taurus: Don’t be so shy and like to reveal a little more about yourself.


Scorpio doesn’t always make a good first impression either. This is due to his closed, mysterious nature. While this trait is appealing to some, it makes it difficult for others to imagine a proper relationship with the zodiac sign. The scorpion is real marriage material. After all, he is loyal and honest and once he is in love, he will do anything for his partner.


The lion seems conceited at first. That’s not exactly the perfect prerequisite for a successful date. Even if the zodiac sign likes to be self-confident and strong, it often has to cover up its nervousness on the first date and that can come across as quite arrogant. Dating tip: Just be yourself and give your date a compliment here and there 😉

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