Some people find it easy to leave everything behind and look ahead after a failed love. Others never seem to manage to forget their ex completely. This could also be due to your zodiac sign and the associated character traits.

These zodiac signs find it particularly difficult to let go of their ex.


Taurus has great difficulty accepting change. Because the zodiac only feels good if there is a routine and consistency in its life. However, when there is separation, Taurus falls from all clouds. The Taurus doesn’t know what to rely on now. The thought of being single again is just overwhelming. That is why the zodiac sign tries to cling to the former partner because it gives them security.


Cancer finds it extremely difficult to say goodbye. Old memories torment the sign of the zodiac again and again, which is why Cancer is always looking for contact with its old flame. In the hope that new thoughts will be written over the old memories , the Cancer keeps calling and writing to his ex-partner. But in vain. Because in spite of everything, he simply cannot calm down. The beautiful memories and moments of the former partner are long-present in cancer . That is why he always tries to give the love that has passed a chance again.


Scorpio is not as sensitive as Taurus and Cancer. For this reason, first of all, the pain is distracted as much as possible. But simply pushing the thought away doesn’t help the zodiac sign either. After a certain amount of time, it breaks down on him again with full force. The overload with the feelings then turns into anger at the ex-partner. Thoughts of revenge creep in and in this way the Scorpio cannot get rid of his former partnership.