These zodiac signs are always looking for arguments

There are people who are more spirited than others and can be provoked quite easily. And not only that: You just have to always share your opinion and discuss everything. Even if it might be better to hold back sometimes. This is partly due to the characteristics of the zodiac signs.

These signs of the zodiac in particular often seek arguments.


Geminis often have a very large circle of friends. Because they are sociable and like to have people around them. But as we know, the twin also has two faces. The zodiac sign gets bored easily, so they try to keep their relationships interesting with the help of artificial conflicts. Even if there is no argument in the end, the twin still likes to discuss. And that’s why he pretty much uses every chance to take part in a discussion and incite heated conversations.


“He wants his head through the wall” is what they say about the Aries. Because of his great self-confidence and assertiveness, he keeps getting caught up in a wide variety of conflicts . Because the Aries always wants to express his opinion and even enjoys it when he is challenged in an argument. Often he doesn’t even notice that he is hurting his counterpart. On the one hand, the Aries is very quick-tempered , on the other hand, he forgot the argument in the next second.


The Scorpio has a tendency to over-interpret any statements made by others. That is, he often feels attacked, even though it wasn’t meant to be at all. Then his passion goes away with him and he has to express his extremely strong opinion. That is why it very often happens that the zodiac sign gets into an argument . In addition, the Scorpio repeatedly uses very manipulative behavior in quarreling situations and does not shy away from becoming mean. So watch out for its poisonous sting!

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