These zodiac signs do not believe in true love

While some are hopeless romantics and believe in great feelings and true love, others are more skeptical.

True love? There is no such thing – at least when it comes to these signs of the zodiac.


Aries usually think very pragmatically and are one of the realists among the zodiac signsAries simply doesn’t believe that you can love someone forever, because they know how quickly it can happen that you get hurt. That is why he almost never allows real feelings. Aries is quite capable of loving, but mostly they think too much and simply cannot let themselves go.


Scorpio is known to be very suspicious and to think things through to the smallest detail. And that’s why he doesn’t believe in true love. He hardly trusts anyone and is skeptical of everything and everyone. Unfortunately, he often blocks his own happiness and misses the chance to finally love properly.


The very big love? There is not any! At least that is the opinion of Gemini. Because this zodiac sign is also considered a great skeptic of love. In order not to bump into the soul mate by chance, the Gemini only gets involved in casual love stories – the middle name of this zodiac sign is erratic. But he also wants to live up to his reputation as a heartbreaker. He loves his freedoms and he doesn’t want to lose them under any circumstances.

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