These 3 Zodiac Signs Need Constant Validation In A Relationship

Validation In A Relationship

These 3 Zodiac Signs Need Constant Validation In A Relationship

Relationships, especially in the beginning, can be quite emotionally stressful and upsetting. These 3 Zodiac Signs Need Constant Validation In A Relationship. For some zodiac signs, however, new love is also associated with some insecurities that they want to overcome – preferably with the help of a lot of confirmation.

These zodiac signs always need validation in the relationship!


Virgos are absolute perfectionists. This also applies to love life. They have a precise idea of ​​the ideal relationship in their head. Once they have found the chosen one, they want to turn this idea into reality as precisely as possible.

But this urge for the perfect relationship actually comes from the fact that Virgos are usually quite insecure and overwhelmed with many things. That’s why they plan and imagine the perfect world. In order to be able to shed this urge for perfectionism a bit, Virgos need a lot of confirmation. Especially at the beginning of a relationship! Because once the sign of the zodiac has a feeling of security, it can relax and let go emotionally more quickly and easily.


Capricorns are extremely ambitious and always want everything to happen to their satisfaction. At school, at university, and later at work, they keep getting confirmation that the path they are taking is the right one. A confirmation that the zodiac sign urgently needs. This becomes especially clear when Capricorns start a new relationship. Because they keep asking their partner if everything is okay.

You are one of those people who immediately panic if the Tinder match does not text immediately after the first date or if it takes the boyfriend a few hours to reply to a message. Because then they immediately worry that they have made a mistake.


Geminis are actually extremely self-confident and know exactly what makes them special. At least in all areas except love. Because in relationships, twins quickly become insecure and do not know exactly what they are doing. Especially in the first phase of getting to know each other, they are constantly afraid of doing or saying something wrong. Her biggest fear is scaring others away.

It is accordingly important for the sign of the zodiac to get confirmation from your partner. Because that way they get the feeling that one or the other mistake in the relationship is quite normal.

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