According To Your Month Of Birth The Word That Will Define You In 2023

The Word That Will Define You

According To Your Month Of Birth The Word That Will Define You In 2023

It already feels like the last day of the year, without realizing December arrived immediately and that makes the concern more latent. Undoubtedly, a time in which positivism should be a key element, but that does not take away the anguish of what awaits you the following year. If you are wondering what is the word that will define you in 2023 according to your month of birth, here is the answer. So if you still haven’t made peace with her, this is your chance. 


It already seems that it has become one of your favorite habits, you put everything off, and you work so hard that you don’t indulge. You are investing your days off in work or solving other people’s problems. So much determination in your projects is admirable, but please don’t forget about yourself. TIME, that’s your word, spend quality time with yourself. 


As 2023 approaches, your nerves do not allow you to think clearly because you begin to be overwhelmed by things that have not yet happened. You are a person with values, you do not need to prove anything to anyone, every day you strive not to stop when it comes to achieving your goals, keep going, SUCCESS is your word. 


A strong year is coming, you may not start on the right foot, but you will realize that life is not rosy, you already knew, but the raw side has not yet arrived. It is a year that will invite you to dig into the depths of yourself, self-awareness will keep you away from everything bad. LIMITS, that’s your word, when you start putting them everything will change. 


All year long you wanted to make changes to your diet, and start an exercise routine, but when it wasn’t one thing it was another and you ended up leaving things halfway. 2023 wants you to do it for yourself, not to please anyone. If you heal the relationship you have with yourself, your HEALTH will be better. That’s your word, don’t be afraid to put yourself first. 


Despite the fact that they tend to sweeten the arrival of the New Year as something spectacular, the reality is that change costs a lot, it is synonymous with saying goodbye to a part of your life, in which you want to save many moments and forget others. However, the time has come to trust, the Universe is not wrong, TRANSFORMATION is your word, you will find out soon. 


Life has taught you that you don’t need a couple of books to learn, it’s not essential, there are many minds around you that are loaded with information, and all you need is to open your panorama. Your word is KNOWLEDGE, a 2023 is coming in which your teachers will not leave you alone, they will be the best guide for you to achieve peace of mind. 


It was a year in which setbacks reached your neck, you felt desperate, sad, and other times too happy. You learned that no matter how much you sink, you can always come back stronger. That’s what’s valuable, staying with the idea that you won’t stumble over the same stone again. Your word is SATISFACTION, you fell, but you’re still here. 


2023 that is willing to receive you with a smile, love will knock on your door in many ways, and you have to open your eyes wide because with fear you will not get them to give you your place. Your word is ROMANCE, but that does not mean that you are going to let yourself be involved with the first one who speaks to you nicely. You’re going to stay with someone who values ​​your vulnerability. 


You took a great leap, you opened your heart with everything and the cracks that stole your breath in your new relationships, but you made the decision not to be bitter because of someone who did not value you from the beginning. That is exactly your word, FORGIVENESS, accepting that you cannot control the behavior and disloyalty of the other is hard, but removing it from your life is even more. 


In short, this year put you to the test in the worst way, you had moments in which the confusion did not allow you to fall asleep, so much anguish, uncertainty, and heaviness were sinking you and you did not know what to do. However, 2023 wants you to know that your word is CLARITY, not beating around the bush, it will become part of your day-to-day and you will appreciate it. 


You are more than ready for your new goals, there are many things that make you a little nervous and you do not want to feel obligated to do anything. However, you don’t plan to keep your hands crossed, for you there are many opportunities that you have to achieve HAPPINESS. That’s your word, keep a smile in the midst of adversity, you deserve it. 


A part of you wondered so many times why people treated you like you were worthless, humiliated you, and turned their backs on you after all the times you showed yourself to be at the foot of the canyon. However, that is in the past, let it stay there because 2023 wants you to know that KARMA will be on your side, you won’t have to get your hands dirty, it will do everything for you. 

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