These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Off To A Bad Start In 2023

Bad Start In 2023

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Off To A Bad Start In 2023

The new year is here – any reason to be happy? Not for these three zodiac signs. Because for them, the first few weeks of 2023 will be pretty uncomfortable and stressful. However, you should not let the bumpy start to 2023 unsettle you.

These zodiac signs have to fight their way through January.


Libra still winces when she thinks about her mistakes and missteps from the past year. No wonder the zodiac sign never feels focused in the first few weeks. The Libra regrets a lot and is therefore constantly stressed. She is packed with bad energy that she takes with her everywhere and transfers to everything. This makes their everyday life a huge challenge. So it wouldn’t hurt Libra to just close with 2022 – it will finally do it at the end of January.


Actually, until recently, Cancer was pretty confident about 2023. But that will now change abruptly. Because a roller coaster of emotions awaits him through a new encounter and the zodiac sign cannot handle it at all. His balance is gone. It really doesn’t know anymore what’s happening to it. And cancer simply cannot have a loss of control. He tries everything to regain control. But it’s in vain, it’s best if he lets himself in for his feelings.


The otherwise cheerful Gemini must be very strong in January. Because the air sign faces some challenges in the first few weeks of the new year. Nothing really seems to be going right. The sign of the zodiac just doesn’t know where its head is. This is why careless mistakes creep in everywhere, which later take up a lot of time and energy. But Geminis shouldn’t let that get them down, because things will get better from February.

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