3 Zodiac Signs Will Meet Their Soul Mate On The Full Moon On January 7th, 2023

Meet Their Soul Mate On The Full Moon

3 Zodiac Signs Will Meet Their Soul Mate On The Full Moon On January 7th, 2023

You’ve probably heard of the full moon and its magic; even though you may not believe in magic or the power of the moon and stars.

On the full moon on January 7th, 2023 there are three zodiac signs that find true love.

This is a time of manifestation – for things can very well come true, especially when what is desired is true love.

True love – no affair, no crush, nothing temporary. We wish for lifelong love. The kind we can trust. The person we can trust.

And for some very lucky zodiac signs, great luck in love will come their way during the full moon. These 3 zodiac signs will find true love on the full moon on January 7th, 2023:


For you, it’s not necessarily a new love. You have already found your true love and as you know this is the gift you always give.

Nothing “new” is coming your way, but what will happen is that the person you respect will inspire you again and you might fall in love with them all over again.

Your true love will take things to a new level and you will be amazed.

You didn’t think it could get this good, and yet it just keeps getting better. Also, you are someone who believes in the power of the full moon and as it is transferring its energy to you right now, you feel on top.

love has a beautiful effect on you; you glow You feel confident, happy, and supported.

Plus, you can finally relax in trust—something you find incredibly difficult. The full moon is like a dream come true – all is well.

There’s nothing you love more right now than showering someone you love with good energy and positive vibes.

This time shows that you always feel encouraged to embrace your romantic side. When you’re dating someone special like this, you better prepare for big displays of love.

This full moon will knock your socks off when it comes to love. But know that you will get what is due to you.


There is a very high probability that you will meet your true partner on the full moon in January 2023.

You will be able to focus on intimacy and relationships much more than before. During this time you are very adventurous and bring this element into your romantic life making it very fruitful.

You have long shunned the idea of ​​true love, considering it an ideal that only prepares a person for disappointment. Why bother?

Your stance was naturally self-protective, and who could blame you? There are so many broken hearts out there it seems unnecessary.

And yet, during the full moon, you unknowingly fall in love with someone, and that person completely throws you off course.

All those thoughts of “love don’t exist” suddenly become “I think I’m in love and this person is special!”

Yes, you. You can and will fall in love with someone worthy of your emotion and willing to give you all the love you need. And this love is true. So don’t reject them, allow them.

Giving and receiving gifts is your specialty during this time. You love hard and spoil your partner heavily, which is great.

Behind that tough exterior and no-nonsense facade, you always dream of romance. You are attracted to all the beautiful things in life and romance is one of them.

When you go out with your suitor, chances are he’ll shower you with gifts and even give you back massages to make you feel completely relaxed. Hold on tight to this person because they are very special to you.


The idea of ​​dating someone just for you is completely surreal. You could fall for someone in a few seconds, or it could take a few days, weeks, or months to fall in love with someone. Love is very spontaneous and the feeling is absolutely beautiful!

Ever since you were a child you have dreamed of true love. Sure it was a fantasy, but you couldn’t help but think that something like this could be real.

During the full moon, you may find yourself in a position to find your true love. It’s what you’ve always wanted, and this lunar power is bringing it right to your doorstep.

This is someone you already know and love, but here’s a new dynamic moving that will put you in the true love zone.

This person is really exciting to you, and they see the same thing in you. You see a future with her and you want to be good to that person.

During this time you will see that this someone is honest and has nothing but positive intentions. It’s a lucky full moon for you. Seems like you finally made your dream come true.

Enjoy the sound of your own voice and use your words to express how you feel. If you have your sights set on a potential partner on this full moon, you will try to charm them with charm and grandiose romantic gestures.

It’s nice to be showered with attention. Take as much of it as you want. Your counterpart will not be able to take their eyes off you.

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