The Worst Of Being A Virgo

Being a Virgo is not easy. Virgo is a somewhat complicated sign to understand, to the point that there are times that no matter how intelligent he claims to be, he does not understand himself. It is difficult to assume, but it is so. Virgo is a sign not suitable for all audiences and look that it strives to make everyone understand it. He is someone very special and that is why it is difficult to understand him.

The worst thing about being Virgo is that you must always be in control of everything around you, everything that happens in your life. You cannot delegate your power, you cannot let other hands take the wheel of your life. In addition, Virgo is someone who when he does things, he has to do them well. Come on, he’s someone super perfectionist, to the point that there are even times when he becomes obsessed with it. And that can be quite dangerous …

Another of the worst things about being a Virgo is being so negative and pessimistic. He is one of those people who always gets the worst of the worst. This makes him always have thoughts that are somewhat dangerous and toxic to himself. Unintentionally, you can do a lot of damage, but you can’t help it. Virgo is like that and as much as he wants, he cannot change it. He prefers to think badly and then life shows him that this is not the case rather than get excited and get hit from all sides. That is the Virgo philosophy of life.

But without a doubt, the worst thing about being Virgo is that coldness that characterizes him so much. It is something he is not proud of at all, something that deep down he would like to change. Virgo has great difficulty trusting others and, above all, great difficulty showing their emotions. The worst thing about being a Virgo is having to fight every day against all those fears and insecurities. Having to fight the fear that someone is going to play with your feelings, that someone is going to break your illusions.

The dark side of Virgo

He is a very introverted person and careful when talking about his emotions. It is difficult to understand what is going on in his head and much more to understand what is going on in his dark heart. But still, Virgo is proud to be who he is. Despite all the bad things, all his flaws, after all, he wouldn’t change anything about himself. Because in addition to all this, Virgo headstrong is a while …


The Worst Of Being A Virgo

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