How They Hide The Signs That They Are In Love


Aries, when you want to hide that you are in love with someone, you do it quite well. In front of others you pretend nothing, sometimes you even complain about that person, talk to your friends about how stupid he seems to you, that everything he does annoys you, how heavy he is and how bad you feel sometimes. And yes, you are capable of exposing all their defects simply by not accepting reality … But deep down, it is because it is impossible for you to stop thinking about him or her.

You need to talk about that person in some way, either good or bad, but you need to say their name or talk about their flaws. Good thing this game of ‘hide and seek’ won’t last long, because you, Aries, can’t resist the temptation to speak well about your crush or have it show on your face that you are more than in love.


Taurus, when you want to hide that you are in love, you have it quite easy. Your main goal at these times is to ignore that person as much as possible. You avoid crossing with her, you avoid eye contact. Come on, in other words, you pretend it doesn’t exist. Sometimes you even get to the point where you don’t even reply to his text messages. Or you stop following him on social networks for fear that he will think something.

And all this you only do because you prefer to lose that person completely and have them disappear from your life completely before you risk ‘making a fool of yourself’ by admitting your feelings for that person.

For you, Taurus, oddly enough, it is much easier to do all those elaborate things you do than to say what you feel … And it should not be like that … From time to time it is necessary to risk a little more if you want to win.


Gemini, what you do when you want to hide that you are in love, is something that will not surprise anyone. What you want to achieve is that everyone thinks that you are just friends. Whenever you are with others, you talk about that person as if they were your friend or your friend. And you get to such a point that sometimes you even believe it, as long as you do not accept that you are beginning to fall in love more than necessary.

You are good at this and no one will suspect your words, because for you, Geminis, everyone can become your friend, have fun with you, have fun with you …

You want to make others see that they are your friend and NOTHING else, but not everything is what it seems. The only downside is that you would like to be more than just friends …


Cancer, hiding that you are in love for you is a risky challenge, because you can see love in your eyes. But there are times when it is necessary to do it and when you prefer to hide it rather than go shouting it from the rooftops. And what you do to hide it is to match that person you like with another. You can even get to match him with your best friend.

You know perfectly well that you take a risk doing this that you do all this, because inadvertently, you can make your friend fall in love with your crush. But it is that for you it is inevitable to do this. Above all, at first, it is very difficult for you to accept that you are beginning to fall in love with that person and you use this defense mechanism, even to deceive yourself and not fall into that person’s networks. But, Cancer, we are old enough to play these little games …


Leo, when you want to hide that you are in love, you become a completely different person than you are. Normally, you are someone daring, who likes to risk, who throws himself without looking back. But in these cases, you are the opposite. You prefer to pretend you don’t like him, you even avoid any kind of contact with that person. To avoid, you avoid until you are the one who sends the first message, even if you can’t wait to talk to that person.

You do not even dare to ask him if he wants to hang out with you, even if you are wanting him to propose it to you to say YES. You don’t even dare to ‘like’ their posts, even if you are constantly on their profile seeing everything they post. In these moments, you become a very shy person and you do not understand why. Leo, do not hide everything you feel because who knows the other person feels the same as you …


When you want to hide that you are in love, Virgo, what you do is something very characteristic of you. In front of others, you start to criticize your ‘crush’ and pretend you fell fatal. You start criticizing their clothes, their hair, their way of acting, their tastes, their personality … And all this simply to hide how you really feel for that person. But unfortunately, Virgo, the people around you know you more than you think, and as soon as they start to see this kind of behavior they already know where they are going.

When you criticize more than necessary it is for something. It is for hiding your feelings and showing the opposite to mislead the staff. But it is that for you it is inevitable to do this, because you need to do anything to protect yourself and to protect your feelings …


Libra, when you want to hide that you are falling in love or that you like someone, the personal excuse for you is to say that right now you do not have time or that you are too busy. When they ask you about your ‘crush’, what you tell them is that you have better things to do than wasting your time with someone, you start talking about your career, your future plans, everything you would like to do and could not do if you have a partner.

You name all the priorities in your life that are above falling in love. But come on, these are only excuses that do not even serve to deceive yourself. To be honest, Libra, you drop those lies just for the sake of not being faced with admitting that you like someone. Because deep down you are wanting that person to notice you and you do not care if you have time or not. Because if your crush really likes you, you are capable of canceling any plan and taking time even from under the rocks.


Scorpio, when you want to hide that you are falling in love, what you do is try to get away from that person. When others begin to ask you if you feel something for that person, what you say is that they are someone special but that nothing more than that will ever happen. When you realize that your feelings begin to be very obvious, what you do is try to move away so that people do not start thinking that you like that person too much.

What you do to hide it is to deny any trace of love in your life. But it is already too late, Scorpio, at that moment you can no longer do anything because you yourself know that you like it too much to go back. You know that even if you try, it will be impossible to hide something that everyone already knows. Also, that you, even if you try, can never hide your feelings …


You, Sagittarius, what you do to hide that you are starting to like someone is to pretend that you feel something for someone else. That is, instead of showing those feelings for your crush, you start showing them for a different person. You play games to try to hide your true feelings. You make others believe that you really don’t like that person, when you really like him more than you think.

There are times when you get into trouble for all this, but you would rather that than accept the harsh reality. For you, accepting that you like someone is quite difficult, because that would mean accepting that you are in love and a Sagittarius would never accept something like that easily. But really, those messes are absolutely the same to you because the only thing that matters to you at this moment is that nobody knows the true reality. But Sagittarius, you know that sooner or later everyone will realize what is really happening.


To hide that you are in love, Capricorn, what you do is make an excuse to try to mislead others. You start to say that you are not yet ready for a relationship like that, that you need more time, or that you simply have other priorities right now than starting a relationship. You try to show that right now you have no interest in dating someone, totally ignoring the feelings you have for your crush.

Since you are such a busy person, others believe it because you are always a person who cares a lot about your future work. But, Capricorn, these excuses are useless. You will not achieve anything if you keep hiding your feelings in this way, you will not get the person you like to notice you if you do nothing to get their attention … Capricorn, enough of excuses and face reality, how much The sooner you do it, the sooner you can enjoy it.


Aquarius, you have it pretty easy when you want to hide that you like someone. Since you are such a carefree person, who always goes to his ball, people think that it is difficult for you to keep your attention on someone. When they ask you if you like that person, you try to avoid that question and respond to it by saying things like that the two of you would have no future together, that you have nothing in common, and that you would be a couple that does not share anything.

You try to make others see that that person would not be able to understand you, that a relationship with them would be very complicated and that right now you do not want to get involved in something like that. But come on, all this is absolutely a lie because you think completely the opposite. If you like someone it is because you feel that that person understands you and you see that you could have a future together.


Pisces, when you want to hide that you like someone, what you try is to make everyone see that you like other people. You try to make them understand that your heart right now has no owner and that you are free to be with whoever you want. That right now you don’t feel like being in a relationship (which is totally a lie). You like other people’s photos to try to mislead others. But you know perfectly well that you only have eyes for one person, and that, even if you like other people, you only have a crush, there is only one person who really catches your eye.

You want to make others see that you are free and that you have more people in your mind, but nobody believes that. Even if you try to hide it, the reality is much more obvious than you think. Pisces, the look gives you away and no matter how hard you try to hide it, it won’t do any good.

How They Hide The Signs That They Are In Love

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