The Dark Side Of Aquarius

We all have a bad side, and you, you will not be the exception … Aquarius is synonymous with good vibes, peace, tranquility, a good friend, a good lover and a good confidant, yes, but you also have your dark side and also, you don’t have any inconvenient for others to see.

This is the dark side of the Aquarius sign:

Are you cold, lonely, distant, and quite eccentric? Yes, deep down you believe that all humans are inferior to you and that none reaches the bottom of your shoe, but you would never dare to say it because you, above all, are not giving information about what you think for free. So you keep your little secret locked up for yourself.

You are an observer, very, very much, you do not miss any gesture, look or any attempt at a covert attack, although you always pretend that you are the clueless one who does not know anything. It is not like this. You and I know it. You are in constant search of yourself, you are not conformist and you always want to do more and more but you often drown and your whole world collapses in a moment. Although everything must be said, you recover soon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not care about the opinion that others may have about you. You are cold as ice when you want and distant, people can call you goofy, bohemian, quirky, weird, quiet and reserved. Honestly, you don’t care. And you know.

He can also be cold and reserved with the family (they don’t usually know you well at all because you count half), and sometimes arrogance comes out of every pore on your skin. With friends you are usually a noble and kind person, among them you know that you are the admired and everything must be said, the superior. You love to attract attention within the world you live in and be it in any way, with daring clothes or ordering a banana shake and at the same time mixing it with a portion of tuna in sauce while everyone looks at you in amazement, for example.

Routine or monotony do not go with you, you do not know what day you live or what season of the year it is without having to stop and think for about five minutes. You escape from all the boring affairs like your mother’s second cousin’s wedding or work meetings. And besides, you don’t even make excuses, you just disappear from the map.

Aquarius also has its dark side, and perhaps it is much darker than the rest but it is not so noticeable.



The Dark Side Of Aquarius

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