The Two Faces Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

The Two Faces Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

Each sign has its lights and shadows, its dark side and its brighter side. And without one, there is no other. Each one has its positive qualities and its negative qualities and we have to learn how to deal with them in order to grow and mature. Throughout your life, you are constantly fighting to better your defects, to improve that which overshadows your best virtue. Read on to find out what your two faces are.


On the one hand, there is the energetic Aries, the one who lives life without fear of anything. He is a very passionate person and also very ambitious. He is the type of person who lights up any dark place, who brings life to the lives of others. It is the face of the brave, determined, self-confident Aries who is not afraid to face any challenge.

But on the other side of the coin, there is the impatient Aries, the one who gets irritated very easily, the one with a doggy mood, the one who is dominant and very aggressive. This Aries can be very dangerous because he quickly gets angry when things don’t go his / her way. Has trouble taking advice from others.


The good face of Taurus is the face of work, responsibility, dedication. Taurus is a person who has very clear ideas and who constantly works very hard to achieve everything that he has set out to do. He is someone you know you can trust at all times, the face of the Taurus that you know will never let you down.

But, on the other hand, we have the bull in its pure essence. The Taurus who is very stubborn, rigid and unable to accept that he is not always right. The Taurus who goes to death with his ideals no matter who he is going to take first. He also has a very possessive and super protective character that can jeopardize your relationships.


Gemini is the quintessential sign known for having a “double” face. His symbol is the cufflinks and there is nothing that represents him better. On the one hand, we have the face of the carefree Gemini, the one who lives life without thinking about tomorrow, the one who does not let anything overwhelm him. The Gemini who speaks up, who has thousands of friends and who never says no to a good adventure.

However, on the other, there is the impatient Gemini, the one who gets irritated easily, the one who makes decisions without thinking about the consequences. The Gemini who eats anxiety and is unable to look beyond. This face can be very dangerous since it is unpredictable, you never expect it and it can arrive at any moment ready to hurt you.


Cancer’s famous mood swings make it very easy to know what its two faces are. On the one hand, there is Cancer who is not afraid to show his big heart. The Cancer who is affectionate, empathetic, dedicated to others, loyal and very kind. The one who gives the best advice and who lets you cry as long as you want on his shoulder.

But on the other, there is the Cancer who is super sensitive, the one who does not know how to manage all his emotions, the one who feels that there is no one who understands him, the one who deals with a lot of negative thoughts. The Cancer who makes a drama out of anything, the one who doesn’t take any advice seriously.


We all know the brightest face of Leo. The Leo who gives off positive energy, the one who always attracts attention, the one who attracts everyone. His most ambitious, outgoing, brave, self-confident side. Leo is a person who cares a lot about the image he gives and will always fight to show the world this face.

However, on the other side of the coin, there is the dramatic Leo, the one who is super impulsive and acts without thinking about the consequences or the harm he can do to others. Leo thinks of himself before thinking of others. The arrogant Leo. But still, Leo struggles every day to improve all these defects.


On one side, there is the practical Virgo, the one who analyzes every little detail. That Virgo who is an expert in solving any type of problem, be it his or others. The one who has incredible patience, capable of fighting to achieve anything, no matter how much he resists. The Virgo who gives the best advice of the Zodiac.

But on the other side, in the not so good, is the Virgo who over-analyzes things, the one who takes life more seriously than he should. The Virgo who finds it difficult to get out of his comfort zone, let himself go and put aside his responsibilities. The one who is stubborn to the limit and even at times, you can become too cold and distant. The Virgo who is critical of himself and also of others.


The positive side of Libra is its calmer side, the one that likes to connect with others and be kind to everyone. The Libra who is a lover of respect, of justice, of treating people as they really deserve. The one who loves helping others and the one who does everything possible to maintain balance in all aspects of life.

But nonetheless, Libra also has its dark side. The Libra who tries to avoid conflict, the one who shuts up when he really shouldn’t. The one who has to learn to face others. The Libra who is distant, indecisive, the one whose mind is full of doubts that even he himself is not capable of understanding. The face of Libra makes it so difficult to understand him and get to know him for real.


Many people know Scorpio only for his dark side, but he also has positive traits that make him so special. The Scorpio who is intuitive, the one who perfectly understands how the minds of others work. The emotional Scorpio, who is not afraid to hide his feelings, the one who puts passion in everything he does. The Scorpio you know you can always trust.

On the other hand, we have the well-known spiteful and vengeful Scorpio, who hates feeling betrayed, the one who can even become manipulative simply to get his way. The impatient Scorpio, who loses his temper when he feels he has been betrayed. Be careful with Scorpios, because their dark side can be very dangerous.


On the one hand, there is the optimistic Sagittarius, the one who always looks on the good side of things, the one who helps others not to be so negative. The Sagittarius who is fearless of anything, who is brave, who is always thinking about his future plans, the one who makes any situation much less boring. The Sagittarius makes everyone fall in love.

But on the other, we have the Sagittarius who has a hard time committing himself, the one who has his mind in a thousand places less where it should be, the one who does not know how to concentrate on a single thing. The Sagittarius who has an explosive temperament, the one who is very impatient and gets angry very easily.


The good face of Capricorn is the face of work, effort, perseverance. The Capricorn who does not stop until he gets what he wants, the one who always achieves success. The Capri who is smart as he can, the one who has a great ability to see things as they are and stay true to reality. The Capricorn who always keeps all his promises.

But, on the other hand, there is the stubborn Capricorn, uncompromising and even somewhat authoritarian and bossy at times. The Capricorn who finds it difficult to listen to others and the one who has enormous pride. The one who finds it difficult to disconnect from his work, his responsibilities and does not know how to make time for his people or simply for his hobbies.


The good side of Aquarius is his most creative, most original, most rebellious side. The Aquarius who loves to travel, discover new cultures, the one who enjoys meeting new people and sharing his ideas with others. The Aquarius who has a conversation to give and give away for hours and who is not afraid of the unknown.

But, on the other hand, there is the Aquarius who does not know how to manage his emotions and that makes him seem somewhat distant. The Aquarius with whom it is so difficult to connect and the one who is so difficult to understand what is happening to his mind. The one who does not want to explore his emotional side and the one who will never tell you what happens to him. Aquarius can be very introverted and that can be your darkest side.


Everyone knows the Pisces face that is loving, kind, emotional. The Pisces who has no problem helping those in need. He who deprives himself of things to give to others. The Pisces who is super loyal to his people and who will do whatever it takes to see them happy. The creative, smiling, innocent Pisces, who seeks to be happy above anything else.

But, on the other hand, there is his dark side. The Pisces who has trouble coping with reality, the one who is always running away from their problems instead of facing them. The Pisces who is so sensitive that there are times when things affect him more than the accounts and is capable of making a drama out of nowhere.


The Two Faces Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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