The 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs For The Week September 21th To 26th

Which zodiac signs are lucky this week? You can find out more in our horoscope!

Who is really lucky now?

Three zodiac signs can look forward to good luck from the universe in the week from September 20th to 26th. Whether at work or in private life – everything runs smoothly! Even in love, there are many great moments of happiness. You can read here which zodiac signs get the greatest support from the stars this week.

How are the stars this week?

We looked at the horoscope and found the following constellations:

  • The sun is in the zodiac sign Virgo
  • The moon is in Pisces
  • Mercury and Mars are in Libra
  • Venus is in Scorpio
  • Jupiter is in Aquarius

Which zodiac signs are really lucky this week?

Cancer: Cancer has had a really lucky streak this week. He gets his energy mainly from the soulful Pisces moon. This gives him the strength he needs to fully open up to his loved ones. 

Pisces: Pisces will also be very lucky this week. The Pisces moon gives them a magical aura and strengthens their empathy and intuition. People with the zodiac sign Pisces should plan plenty of time for their family, partner, and friends during this week.

Libra: Those born in Libra are also very lucky this week. Mercury and Mars give them wings and give them the strength and communication skills they need to really get started with their work.

We wish you a fabulous week. Enjoy your luck! 🙂


The 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs For The Week September 21th To 26th

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