You Were Born Or Not To Be Dramatic According To Your Sign

You Were Born Or Not To Be Dramatic According To Your Sign

They say that you do not have to change, that someone will come who loves your madness, your tantrums, your mood swings and the way your screams are heard for miles when something makes you explode. Honestly, from 1 to 10 how dramatic do you consider yourself to be? Sometimes we want to maintain control, we breathe deeply, bite our tongues or clench our teeth… but a strange force within us wins and there everything collapses. Could it be that you were born to do drama? Each zodiac sign has its story.

1.- Aries

Did someone say drama? With grief, but Aries is not going to shut up at all. If he does not like something, he is the first to roll his eyes or make a strange face with his mouth. It is a sign that it is enough to light a light fuse to let the fire take control. It is hot from the side you see it and although it does not go through life-making trouble, it is better that you do not put it to the test . Aries is not afraid of anything, he does not mind losing his education, he prefers to be rude rather than hypocritical, so do not dare tell him to calm down because you are going to know his most hurtful side.

2.- Taurus

To be honest, Taurus and drama don’t have the best relationship in the world. Let’s say that for the good of the rest they stay away, but they meet when this sign can no longer. It’s funny, because Taurus is the king of tolerance, but when his crest itches again and again, he does not think twice. That’s when your nerves take over and you lose the sophistication that characterizes you. It may be a bit subtle at first, but little by little it will put you in your place. Taurus does not mince words to shout what he hates in the other and is capable of even going into shock when emotions come together. Sorry, if you wake up the beast you’re going to have to deal with it.

3.- Gemini

With permission, it’s Gemini going for their drama crown. The truth is that nobody beats him when he sets out to annoy the other. Sure, did you think it was spontaneous? Geminis plan their every attack when it comes to opening the doors of hysteria. It is a sign that tries to stay calm, but there comes a point where it can’t take it anymore and just wants to teach you the lesson of your life. Be very careful because he is capable of yelling, cursing and a little more. Let’s say that the most advisable thing is that you do not get in his way, you never know what is behind that evil look. Oh my God! Gemini was born with the drama at hand and it does not stop until they get what they want, so it is your decision if they will be part of your friends or enemies list.

4.- Cancer

Well, well, who would say that behind that angelic, sweet and protective face hides a devil that can make you live the worst hell of your life . Cancer is visceral, so don’t be surprised if it reads you the primer from your deepest secrets. The drama has it in every pore and in the sensitivity with which it relates to the rest. Of course, it does not make distinctions, the same makes a mess at work, with your partner, friends, family. But … that doesn’t mean it’s problematic, it’s just that there are people who awaken their darker side in the worst way and that’s when it can’t stop. The worst part is that he is spiteful to the bone. Seriously, don’t try to pretend nothing happens after a fight with Cancer, because he needs another life to forget what hurt him. Good luck if you get him off!

5.- Leo

Did someone say that Gemini is dramatic? It’s because you probably haven’t met a Leo in your life. People may say that he is exaggerating, that he makes a storm in a glass of water, but the truth is not something that he cares to clarify. Let’s say that Leo got tired of putting up with it and enduring, now it seems that he explodes for being the center of attention, because he learned to set limits and is not willing to tolerate the bad attitude of anyone. Much less when you know you are right, why do you have to lower your guard? Here the only expectations you have to meet are his and make the world roll. If someone can’t, it’s his problem, but he’s not going to keep quiet just to avoid hurting sensibilities. Leo is not bad, he knows what he wants and he only has one life for it.

6.- Virgo

Worries, problems, future, present, past. The truth is that the Virgo mind is with a ‘look at me and don’t touch me attitude. The problem is that he has so much accumulated that any slight misstep causes his castle to crumble and that is when he can seem like the most dramatic person on the planet. Virgo is very about getting ideas, when they are not happening and he gets carried away like a half thread until unfortunately, he loses control. He may not be one of those who shouts or volleys with bad words, but inside he can’t take it anymore. Virgo is one of those who faints due to stress, of those who deal with panic attacks and people judge without knowing what is behind, everything that is carrying.

7.- Libra

Libra is one of the most self-controlled people when it comes to stepping away from the drama. Most of the time it is a person focused on his life or trying to help others. She seeks tranquility in all aspects, but … there is a part that appears from time to time and that can make several trembles. The fact is that he has been accumulating for so long that he reaches a point where he cannot take it anymore. Sometimes Libra shut up when something hurts or bothers them, just looks down and pretends nothing is wrong. However, his pride does not tolerate it for long, there comes a point where he does not think twice and causes a scandal. It is just when you are emotionally terrible, when you want to force yourself to pretend that everything is fine, but it is not.

8.- Scorpio

Despite his hasty and somewhat crazy personality, it may lead us to believe that Scorpio is a lover of drama, the reality is that he is not. It is such an intelligent sign that it has a radar to detect toxic situations, from which it manages to get out quickly. But, when someone provokes you, you should be careful because he knows the art of tearing you to pieces with just a couple of sentences. Really, if Scorpio is full of rage and you keep insisting it will cause you to end up crying and begging to stop. Do not put his mind to the test, because he does not forget a single detail. He is passionate and is carried away by what he is feeling in the moment. You may later regret it more serenely, but once the damage is done you can’t do much.

9.- Sagittarius

Okay, face it Sagittarius can lose patience in the blink of an eye, welcoming drama. But, with the same intensity that it arrives, it leaves. It is a sign that tries to see the positive side of everything but knows that it is not always possible, so that is when your emotions can be affected. Come on, it is not that I mount a soap opera scene, but he does not remain silent, words slip from him. The bad news is that as you speak, your anger increases and that’s when you forget everything. If he is very excited he can say terrible things and even cut ties forever. It can be extremely temperamental and ruthless.

10.- Capricorn

Dramas out! If there is something that Capricorn hates with all his might, it is instability, feeling that his emotions become a whirlwind without control, it just does not go with his personality. It does not want to have anything to do with it, it is a very focused sign and it has the emotional capacity to assume the consequences of each of its decisions. Before falling into absurd provocations, take into account the logical part, looking for the best solution. No sign beats Capricorn when it comes to separating the heart. In addition, he is very tolerant, before judging the other, he tries to put himself in their place and understand the why of everything. Capricorn is not going to waste his energy on people who just want to make him angry.

11.- Aquarius

If there is someone in the zodiac who is a master when it comes to setting limits, without a doubt, we are talking about Aquarius. It is an extremely selective sign when it comes to showing its vulnerable side and for the same reason, it flees from those who only want to fill their days with drama. Before falling into dimes and bites, Aquarius shows his cold side, the one that does not tolerate nonsense and that takes you out of his days if necessary. He is the type of person who does not care about the life of others, he is very busy understanding what is happening to him. Let’s say the biggest drama you get to do is when you want attention, you get quite intolerant in those cases. So it is possible that he speaks louder than normal.

12.- Pisces

Let’s say that what is sweet about Pisces is dramatic, so you say. It really is a sign that is carried away by the moment, if sadness or anger wants to take control, simply do not put buts . It is a sign that many times you keep things because you do not want to hurt someone you love or because you feel that it is your responsibility to solve other people’s problems. But everything to serve ends, so the moment he realizes that he is not there to bear things that fill him with bitterness, there is no going back. Pisces can be sweet and caring, but that’s not always good because they feel too much. It is impossible that it does not end in a sea of ​​tears in the face of tragedy and pain. Of course, the rest of the people do not understand.


You Were Born Or Not To Be Dramatic According To Your Sign

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