What Is The Most Hate About You According To Your Sign

What Is The Most Hate About You According To Your Sign

Sometimes you have to be brave to fall in love with your worst version. And it is that nobody is perfect, we do certain things that can be very hateful . It is even a constant struggle with ourselves, that dark side that we find difficult to assimilate and when it becomes present it leads us to make one mistake after another. What do they hate the most about you according to your sign?


Aries, if there is something that does not scare you, it is receiving negative looks from people. You’re used to dealing with those who can’t stand the genuine way you shine. And you have the courage to keep going no matter what happens. There is nothing that is capable of knocking you down and that can become a kick in the liver for many. But what they hate the most about you is your impulsive part, that way in which you allow yourself to be carried away by your intuition and you just jump in. Those around you cannot conceive that you are so determined from one second to the next. So the best they can do is criticize, they call you immature, unconscious and intense. What difference does it make? Let them say what they want, in the end you are clear that you are not here to meet other people’s expectations and if you have to follow your heart you will.


Taurus has magic in everything, in what he is silent, in what he speaks, in what he transmits. It is the sign that is not afraid to say what it feels, the one that works hard for what it wants and that is willing to venture from time to time. His personality is somewhat complicated, there are few who manage to understand everything that is in his mind and heart. Hence, it is easier to judge them before putting yourself in their shoes. What people hate about Taurus without knowing it, is the way it shines, they feel that they are very hoarders. The moment their stubbornness becomes present there is no going back, they will not rest until things turn out just as they dreamed. What’s wrong with that? If striving for your goals is synonymous with greedy, go for it! Call it what you want, because Taurus won’t let his guard down.


Gemini, you know that you are the two sides of the coin, that your personality changes from one moment to the next and that you treat exactly how you are treated. The problem is that people are not used to so much authenticity, they find your transparency too much and they may even feel offended. You are clear that it is not your problem that they feel inferior in your presence and you are not going to change for anyone. People hate that from their perspective you are so superficial because they do not tolerate that you do not involve emotions the first time. It is your intelligence that does not allow you to get carried away with a lot of beautiful words. If that’s why they hate you, go ahead, it really isn’t something that will keep you awake, because you’ve learned that those who are really worth it will have patience until you really trust.


Cancer, people describe you as a fragile being, because they are not used to shouting all that shakes them from the bottom of their hearts. You are like that, you prefer to say what you feel before filling yourself with grudges and pain. However, what hurts you the most is that people use you, that they take advantage of your compassion, in the way that you find it difficult to say no, when it comes to helping or protecting . People often hate and criticize you for your sensitivity , but at the same time they take advantage of it. However, you have learned to deal with it, to hear them tell you that you are weak and that you cry about everything. You know that you are not a victim, but only those who dare to discover their deepest fears will understand you.


Leo, the truth is that you don’t care about labels, you are so used to people not being able to deal with your shine, that all their nicknames and negative comments already slip off you. It is clear, you are easily distinguished from the rest, because you do not follow the pack, you were born to be a leader. So your hair, the way you walk, your friends, everything, denotes that you are special and that you do not need to put your originality at risk. People start to hate you before they meet you, because it is easier for them to create a character that only exists in their mind, than to really know you in-depth. So they talk about you as an egocentric being the one who is always too busy is to satisfy his own needs before thinking of the other. It is their insecurity that speaks for them, the one that says that you are a tyrant and materialistic when in reality you have one of the most beautiful hearts. But, well … keep talking because those people will never know the real you.


Virgo being judged? You don’t play the victim, but you don’t care if someone points you out. It is a sign that struggles every day with the accumulation of thoughts in its mind, as if to still have to solve the fears of others. They speak from fear, of what they do not dare and it is easier to criticize than face it. Out there they say that what shocks you, checks you and Virgo has proven it. There are many people who at first detest him and then come to tell him that thanks to his way of being they were able to let go of what was not letting them advance . People hate that Virgo is so disciplined, that he does not easily get carried away by his impulses.He hates that they follow a routine and that they dare not break the rules just for the fun of it. It seems that being structured is synonymous with being unhappy and they look for a way to make you mad and then say that you are neurotic.


Libra, you strive every day to achieve happiness, but you know that it is very likely that on the way you will meet unhappy people who all want to turn off your good vibes, because they are not able to accept that it is worth being in balance , that seeking inner peace is not bad. Above all, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you become a better person. People hate that you have the courage to smile despite having a broken soul, So it is easier to say that you are a hypocrite than to accept that even if you have scars, it is worth continuing to live intensely. It is not that you are fickle, it is that you have to analyze each situation in your life before taking a step, because you know that any slight change can shake you in the blink of an eye. Most can’t handle personalities like that.


Scorpio, nobody has to tell you about being criticized, because your day-to-day is full of looks full of prejudices, cold and wanting to punish you all the time. It seems that being an intense, transparent and fearless soul is a sin. People hate that you have persuasion in every pore,that you are able to awaken romantic in those around you. That doesn’t mean you go around messing with everyone who crosses your path. Because before the physical and all that adrenaline running through your body, there are your emotions. Precisely those that few dare to discover and it is easier to criticize as if the simple fact of your existence did harm. Luckily, the first time you identify people like that, you put a stop to them, you are not there to tolerate them.


They say that you are detached, but they also describe you as impatient and stubborn, so it does not matter how many negative comments they want to make about you. Sagittarius, you are so used to dealing with all kinds of people that for a long time you stopped caring what they say. However, people keep putting energy into making you angry, saying they hate the desperation you show for getting attention . Just because you don’t get hooked, because you are able to experience the worst pain and wake up the next morning as if nothing had happened. So you go and look for inspiration, a new place to know, a way to squander all that optimism that strikes your soul. You are spiritual, if people hate you for it is their problem, you will not change.


Capricorn, you know that every day is synonymous with fighting against your realistic side. Sometimes you get so lost in logic that you don’t have time to pay attention to susceptibilities. You are so focused on your goals and for the same reason, you work very hard. The reality is that most of the people around you have no idea of ​​all the battles you have fought to achieve what you have. Hence, it is much simpler to call yourself a climber, people say they hate you because they believe that you take advantage of the good souls that come into your life. They describe you as insensitive, cold, and who rejects people like garbage. However, you do not care about their opinion, because even if someone comes who goes out of their way for you, it is not mandatory that you correspond.


Aquarius, you recognize that the cost of your independence is not easy. People do not know how to handle the way you raise a huge barrier, few really get to know the bottom of your heart. However, those who cannot have you are going to criticize you because it is a way of justifying that they are not valuable enough to enter your life. So they will hate you arguing that you are a sheep in disguise, that behind that fair appearance hides a strange being, capable of abandoning whoever loves him. Yes, you are eccentric, because your originality knows no limits and because you are not willing to tolerate anything that makes you unhappy. If there are people who cannot be so honest, they better leave.


It is curious, it seems that a hypersensitive being is not very dangerous in the eyes of others, and most of the time it is. However, there are those who do not tolerate that there is so much compassion in the Pisces soul. Hence the best they can do is judge him cruelly. They hate him for having the gallantry to express what is in the depths of his being, although that is synonymous with the tears being present. They hate him because he is able to remove food from his mouth in order to help those who need it. They hate him because his words hide a lot of feelings that few dare to speak about. It’s okay, don’t hold back, what isn’t okay is that you try to unload your demons in Pisces. That’s when they go to know their darker side, the one that is not willing to tolerate their dignity being trampled on.


What Is The Most Hate About You According To Your Sign

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