The Signs That Forgive And Forget And Those That Do Not

The Signs That Forgive And Forget And Those That Do Not

Sometimes it can be forgiven, sometimes it can be forgotten, although the latter, to be really honest, is the hardest thing to do, and on very rare occasions it is forgiven and forgotten. The ability to forgive mistakes depends on each one. And the signs of the zodiac also have different ways of doing it. These are the signs that forgive and forget and those that don’t . Here they go:


See that you are pure fire , capable of spitting the greatest atrocities out of your mouth, capable of releasing the most hurtful words and the most bloody insults in order not to be underneath, as long as you defend yourself at all costs. You are able to destroy everything in a matter of minutes. But after that, what seemed like it would never come, calm … You are passionate and impulsive Aries, premeditations are not your thing. You do not have plan A, B and C in life, you flow with life, as it comes, as it happens.

When you get angry or they make you angry, you explode with the same intensity as an atomic bomb, but after doing so you breathe, you return to your “peace” and something else butterfly. You are not a harmful sign nor do you want pain near you, in the end you end up forgiving if there is really regret on the other side, actually, it is very intelligent on your part because what is the use of having that anger inside? No problem. You are not made to hold grudges. Over time things soften and with you Aries, in the end, even if it has to spend some time sometimes, the waters return to their course, if it is really worth it.


With you things get complicated Taurus , and that is that, you have a much higher level of stubbornness than the other signs, pride sometimes does not allow you to forgive or forget, but time in the end, ends up healing even the deepest wounds and If you really see that someone is sorry enough and also has done to show you (because only words are useless with you), they have a high percentage of chances that you will forgive them, but it will not always be the case. Let’s not talk about forgetting because that is something else, as a good sign of earth that you are, you do not forget anything, and in fact, even if you want that thought to come out of your head by all means, it will not be possible.

You store everything in your memory as if it were a hard drive, but it is a hard drive that cannot be formatted, and that often frustrates you because you would love to be able to start from scratch without having any files inside, but nothing. For this reason, it has always been said that before hurting Taurus, think twice about whether it will be worth it, because it will be something that remains nailed to the bull for life.


The Gemini thing is a separate case, and really. You are represented by the Twins and there are two very, very different sides to your changing personality. For that reason, no matter how much you say today that you have forgiven, you must not trust yourself, it is enough that your other Twin whispers in a low voice in your ear how bad they made you go through so that you change your mind, and also, sharply.

One day you can even forget what happened, your head is turning to other much more interesting matters, but suddenly, in a week, that pain that pierces your chest returns and makes you remember how bad they were with you and how bad you had it and you really suffer, you relive it with such intensity that it even scares. So with you, it is better not to take anything for granted, if they do, you may forgive and even forget, but it will be for a moment, there is nothing guaranteed, in fact, it is better that they do not consider that you will forgive something “forever “It will not be like that, you will forgive half, you will forgive when you feel like it, as long as you want, but being there, it’s there … And it’s like a volcano, you never know when it will explode …


The crab cannot forget, nor can it, nor does it want to. You remember each of the things that have passed through your life as if it were a treasure. You are not ashamed of almost anything, and although you may do it at some point, you do not regret it. Your memories are practically photographs archived in your head by year, by place, by sensations lived, but, unlike other signs that do not forget either, resentment does not last forever, in fact, you have more facility to forgive others than to forgive yourself

You are a person who when injured acts differently from the rest, you hide in your shell, you walk away to reflect, or perhaps simply to spend time alone, and no, don’t be disturbed there, because you are not going to answer calls, no emails, no messages, not even if they poked you with a stick would you move. You have to digest your pain alone, and you also have to heal yourself in the same way. Then everything passes, and perhaps what you long for the most is for things to return to normal, but you need your grieving time first. You know how to get back to normal, but what happened, happened, and will remain on file in your registry like all the things that happen in your life.


Although you are a sign of fire, and as such you are explosive, intense and have a feeling that sometimes it is better not to wake up, you have the gift of knowing how to forgive, yes, after they have knelt before you and have apologized a thousand and once, is what has hurt lion, that it will cost you a little to earn his apology. But beware, if you have known how to back off well and on time, the lion will be able to forgive you.

Sometimes he even knows how to forget, because yes, because he is very fierce, but inside he does not want to have hatred or resentment towards anyone, because even though he can send you to mess a thousand times for what you did, deep down, always he would rather be at peace than be angry. Something happens with Leo and it is that, he can have a lot of contained anger at a certain moment, a lot of anger towards the person who has hurt him, but once all that pain passes (because Leo insists on continuing his life without affecting him ) that stage is over and the one of ignoring begins, things that he knows how to do very well. So, ultimately, when things stop being important to you, you forgive and forget, and you are happy again.


You are not a sign that you want to make the same mistakes every so often, in fact, you would love for them to never be repeated but hey, for one thing or another, and sometimes unintentionally, this happens. Perhaps to a lesser extent than others because you do not forget, and that, when it comes to good for oneself, is something extraordinary. Thanks to always having your past in your mind, you have avoided damages that, if you had not done so, would have led you down the path of bitterness, but sometimes they are so camouflaged and so hidden that you have let yourself be carried away without knowing that it was actually much more. of the same, of something that you had already been through.

You can forgive, of course you do, you think that everyone has the right to be wrong, but once, it is rare that you give the same opportunity twice to the same person for the same issue. Very rare. You do not forget the mistakes of others, and you take care to remind them when suddenly the omelette turns around and the damage is suffered by them. Actually you almost see it as a favor that you do them, you do not forget, and neither do they, so that they understand that everything can change and that what they do today may be done tomorrow and no, it may not be a plate of good taste…


Libra needs peace of mind, balance in his life, harmony and things that are clear and without grudges, for that reason, he ends up forgiving, but yes, it takes a long time, sometimes a time that never seems to end and is that, when something crosses Libra, it crosses him but well, and when he feels hurt, the pain reaches his soul, no matter how “small” it may seem to you. It will take a long time and the wounds may remain open, so if you want his forgiveness, the first thing you will have to do, whether you like it or not, is to be very patient.

Libra can humiliate you, throw you in your face every two times what you have done and even what you have not done to win you back to forgive you. It will be hard to forget, but if you are there, on top, day after day, with details, trying to make things work again, showing that what you want most in the world is for things to be as before and ready to give what they don’t you have never given in a few days, then, it is possible that he can forgive you, and I say it is possible because Libra is like a weather vane many times, he can forgive you but a slight error on your part will lead him to throw everything in your face, because with Libra things accumulate, they are never completely erased, no matter how much I sometimes want to …


You do not forgive and you do not forget, things as they are. It does not mean that you cannot behave “decently” when there has been forgiveness from the other but if they have made you fat, for many apologies and for having (that you will accept them), things will not be as they were, let’s not even trace. One of the things that characterize you is precisely that, that whoever does it to you, pays for it. You like to give lessons to others, and not only for the fact of taking revenge but so that they learn for the next time, so that they think twice about doing something that could hurt others and so that they understand that life (or in this case Scorpio) can send it back to you.

It has always been said that, no matter how strong we believe ourselves, there will always be someone stronger than us, that no matter how sure we are of something, there will always be someone who can dismantle all that in one sitting. Well, that someone is you Scorpio. Often you have to make it clear to others that they are making mistakes, you do not like fights or hurt feelings gratuitously, but if you feel with the power and with the duty to do it (mainly so that they learn), you will.


And look that you are fire and you could look at Aries or Leo, but I am sorry, inevitably, you do not forget, and well, forgiving should always be taken in quotes because, sometimes without wanting to and other times wanting, you reopen those issues of the past that for you are not completely solved to make it clear that you still have things to say. Hurting you is complicated because it does not offend the one who wants, but the one who can and with you Sagittarius, those who can, the truth, are few … For this reason, whoever does it to you ends up paying consequences, sometimes very expensive. You can try to forget but with the people you care about, it is difficult for you to do so, for that reason, because you care about them, because you had placed trust in them, because they have failed you, because it is hard and because you have to learn to digest disappointments. You have what has been selective memory, you will not forget anything but there will be things that affect you more, others that affect you less and others that do not affect you at all. Forgive? Perhaps, possibly by mouth yes, but when the heart is damaged, and yours much more (so difficult to break sometimes), it will cost it to beat the same way again. It will take time for the wound to heal, a long time or maybe a lifetime, it all depends …


You do not forget, you do not forgive (even if you say yes) and you are not going to change, why not, because you do not feel like it, because you have already gone through too much and because in your mind there is always this phrase, “who does it once, a thousand years ago ”. And that is not going to get out of your head. Therefore, good advice for those who are still thinking about whether to make a “move” to Capricorn is this, “don’t damage their pride if you want to live calmly and in peace”. Your ego is very high, Capricorn, and that being defiled can be as dangerous as leaving only a gambler in Las Vegas. There are very clear things in your life and that is, one and no more Santo Tomás. Then they say that if you are tough, that if you keep everything too much, that if you should be a little more lenient with others. Let’s see, you make it very clear from the beginning, with you things are like this, like this, and like this, and that includes,

So why do they want your more sensitive side to be able to forgive and forget later? Damn, you’re already warning him, they have to like playing with fire too much and provoking “let’s see what happens.” Well here, what happens is that, you neither forgive nor forget. Obviously out of love, out of dependence or whatever, you can be there and hold on, because that is great for you (you should consider not passing a single one) but nothing leaves your head, nor will it go away, even though when nothing matters anymore …


Aquarius will forgive you and perhaps even forget it because there is nothing more valuable than living in peace, with a clear conscience and without being disturbed by anything, he is clear about it, the problem is that sometimes, he does it too quickly. He wants to believe that people, the vast majority of people, have a good background, and give too many opportunities when it should cut much earlier, in the bud …

Therefore, hold one, and another, and another, but there comes a day when he leaves, without more, perhaps it is the day that you least expect it, and he will leave hurt and with a heavy heart, but he will look at himself in a mirror and it will be repeated that nothing happens, that life goes on, and despite the fact that he may hate you at times, over time he will know how to forgive you, even when you have not even asked for forgiveness, he will know how to find a reason for those outbursts that entered you, although reasons are illogical, he will know how to understand your madness and will also take pity on it, because Aquarius is how he feels free, and in the end the one who carries everything is you.


You are a water sign so, be careful, be careful, the “sentimentality” that you are used to becoming a witch when you turn on, when they fail you or when they deliberately hurt you. Although you want your mind to stay in that rosy world that you like so much, when you come down to reality from time to time and realize the evil of some people, how good you could become is turns into something terrible, really. There are no respects, there are no excuses that are worth and you will not forget overnight. You do not get angry over nonsense, although you can get irritated and have an angry episode from time to time.

The day you do not forgive and do not forget is because they have passed but well, they have played it in such a way that your mind, no matter how much you want to get it out of your head, cannot. You will not always take revenge but you will end up laughing when life, karma or whatever takes care of it, you know that sooner or later it will. You know that sooner or later everything pays off.


The Signs That Forgive And Forget And Those That Do Not

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