Ranking Of The Most Jealous Signs

Ranking Of The Most Jealous Signs

We can all become jealous at some point in our lives but it is true that some signs show it much more than others. Some are removed from everything when they feel they can betray them, others prefer to turn around before staging a drama. This is the ranking of the most jealous signs:


It occupies the position Nº12 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS and it is not exactly because it is not, but perhaps it does not waste so much time in proving it. He is the least possessive sign in love and, although he may be burning inside, it is easier for him to walk away from what is hurting him than to put up with it and be unhappy.


It is ranked No. 11 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. He loves freedom above all else and knows that who is with him is because he wants to. It does not force anyone. The fire of Sagittarius sometimes makes you go crazy in a fit of jealousy but it is momentary because Sagittarius does not spend its time with those who do not deserve it.


It occupies the position Nº10 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. He has too many things on his mind and although jealousy can cause him instability, he immediately realizes what he is worth, values ​​himself and convinces himself that jealousy only enters him when he feels insecure. There’s no more.


It occupies the position No. 9 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS and not precisely because it is not, it can be a lot, but sometimes it swallows it, because Virgo does not explode the first time but accumulates little by little. If you cause his jealousy to get worse, he will end up returning it with the same coin, so better be careful.


It is ranked No. 8 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. He is jealous to rage, as long as he sees some clear reason, but he is able to endure, not much, but perhaps he does not explode the first time. He may be jealous of him even with a glance, but he won’t tell you until he has too much confidence in you.


It occupies the position Nº7 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. He is jealous, a lot, I would say too much and it will not take long to tell you, in good or bad ways, but he has to express it. Jealousy can make you paranoid or, on the other hand, make you drop everything and start all over again, just. Better not tempt him.


It occupies No. 6 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. He is possessive, and that usually goes hand in hand with jealousy. If he sees something that bothers him, he will tell you, clearly. And if he sees that you have been the culprit of his jealousy, he will probably stop trusting you for a long time. A Taurus, don’t forget, remember absolutely everything.


It is ranked No. 5 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. His face turns red with anger if he sees any strange movements around him. He sees it and intuits everything, so, the person who wants to be jealous of a Leo should be very careful. When he is jealous he is able to tell you in the moment, whoever you are with, that you are the worst thing he has come across in life. When it is on it is like this, or worse. Later, he may get angry, but in the moment… whoever can save himself.


It occupies the position Nº4 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. Although on the outside he may appear serene and seem that he does not care about “anything”, the moment he sees some unusual activity, be it looks or gestures, he activates the sensor and believe me, he can become obsessed and get to investigate everything to find out any details of what is really going on. Nothing escapes him, and he is not easily fooled.


It is ranked No. 3 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. It is a sign of fire and for that reason, it is passionate for everything. He has no patience and he does not miss one, so watch your movements. No matter whether you or the other person may be the culprit, Aries will be jealous and will not let anyone “dangerous” enter their territory and approach what they consider theirs to try to snatch it from them.


He is ranked No. 2 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. Sometimes he gets pretty crazy about what doesn’t seem like “nothing” but he already has experience of what it is and what it isn’t, so don’t try to manipulate him because he has a perfect intuition when you’re trying to make him dizzy or waver. Pisces is not going to shut up when he knows something strange is happening and is capable of making any scene for you if he feels “betrayed”.


He is ranked No. 1 in the ranking of the MOST JEALOUS. He loves madly and hates with rage. When he is jealous it is because he knows for sure that something strange is happening around him. His jealousy is legendary and betrayal is “smelled” from a distance. It can go crazy at times and make you feel like the worst thing in the world the hard way. You decide what you want from him.


Ranking Of The Most Jealous Signs

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