4 zodiac signs that cast a spell on everyone

There are people who enter a room and everyone focuses on them. Or we sit at a table with total strangers, someone starts talking and all other conversations fall silent because you absolutely want to listen to this person. There is no other way, it’s almost like magic. There is simply the astrology behind it again. Some zodiac signs actually have the absolute strength to cast a spell over everyone. In our horoscope we also reveal who. 

Horoscope: These 4 zodiac signs cast a spell over everyone

1. Aries

Aries are so energetic and dynamic that it is immediately contagious. You just always manage that – no matter where you are – everything revolves around you. This is often very positive, but sometimes you have to be careful not to marginalize your friends or partners with your engaging manner. They can quickly develop the feeling that they are only second-class people. So try to always scan your surroundings and be sensitive. 

2: Twin

You old charm bolt! The people you meet are always directly fascinated by your aura. You manage to score points with others with your youthful way. Anyone who approaches others so openly and without fear is immediately liked. You enjoy that attention up to a point. However, if someone comes too close to you and penetrates your personal boundary, you can quickly block, appear distant and then withdraw more and more. 

3. Sign of the zodiac

You really hit every heart. As life-affirming, open, optimistic and confident as you are, it’s no surprise that everyone is glued to your lips when you start telling a story. But you are also someone who finds yourself again and again in exciting, exciting and unusual moments in life. Not all are voluntary, after all you sometimes stumble a little clumsily into one or the other situation, but you maneuver yourself out of it just as skilfully. 

4. Aquarius

The freedom-loving zodiac sign has another very distinctive quality: You pull everyone with you immediately. If you have an idea in your head, dozens of arguments gush behind you to support your suggestion. Your listeners can’t help but follow you every step of the way so as not to miss any of the great mental effusions. However, it can also quickly be that one brilliant idea is trumped by the next. If we have to name a third quality that distinguishes Aquarians, it is their changeability. 

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