What Is The Plant That Should Not Be Missing In Your Home According To Your Sign

What Is The Plant That Should Not Be Missing In Your Home According To Your Sign

They say that little by little it becomes a lot, that happens with the little plants that come to our home. They have the gift of filling every space with joy, they improve our mental, emotional and physical health. But, what is the plant that you should not miss in your home according to your sign? There are some in particular that honor your personality, in their foliage you can see your strengths and weaknesses. Could it be that you already have it?


The recommended plant for Aries is the ceriman , or also called Adam’s rib, it is the one that represents their reliable, bold side and the one that stands out from the rest. This plant is an explorer of the jungle, simply when you put it in your space it takes over everything around it, it goes from being a defenseless little plant to becoming the giant that wastes strength, beauty and risk, it is the one who breaks with fears.


What is the plant that you should not miss in your home according to your sign? For Taurus the best companion is the corn plant , its thin and elegant leaves are part of its personality. Because even if they look small, they are capable of surviving in the worst circumstances. Corn plants symbolize resilience, no matter how much light or dark there is in your life, stubbornness keeps you on your feet, just like Taurus who doesn’t give up.


Have you ever seen the beauty and charm of a potus plant ? Also known as poto. It is the one that wastes creativity and joy in each of its leaves. Gemini should not hesitate to make it part of their bedroom. It is like its sign, it adapts to whatever life throws it, as beautiful as it is resistant and loves the shade, just like Gemini, it loses itself in the tranquility of its solitude.


Sophisticated, deep and with a touch of intensity. This is the Boston fern, the plant that Cancer should have in his life. It is like their sign, emotional and loyal, they have a leading side that they cannot avoid, but they are also synonymous with calm. Boston ferns are rewarding, one of the most beautiful plants on this planet, the perfect one for Cancer.


What is the plant that you should not miss in your home according to your sign? Of course, Leo needs a plant that honors his unstoppable way of being, it is a demanding sign, that enjoys attention and knows very well what it is worth, that is why it is not up to everyone. It is like the fiddle leaf fig , it is a ficus, a leafy, interesting plant with a shape that catches the first moment you see it. It is ideal for Leo.


Virgo is the meticulous one, the one who has to think carefully about each step before taking it. A reliable and dedicated person. However, you always have something to do, you don’t have much time for a very needy plant, that’s why the snake or sansevieria is your best option. She is beautiful, elegant and very independent, she does not need much to show how much she can grow.


Is there something Cancer and Libra share? Well, maybe their personalities don’t get along very well, but when it comes to choosing the perfect plant, no doubt, the Boston fern is also ideal for Libra. Well, it fits perfectly with their desires for justice and calm, it is a plant that attracts serenity, they have that soft and cold side, just like the way Libra faces life.


For a fiery, intense and extremely captivating look, of course, you need a plant that goes at your own pace. Hence, the one that is recommended is the flamenco or anthurium plant, it is the one that surrounds you with so much color. The contrast between red, yellow and green is exactly the way Scorpio goes through life, without needing to look good with anyone.


Sagittarius is the one who thirsts for freedom, who was born to assert his words and his emotions. He is not here to meet anyone’s expectations and the more things flow for him the better. Hence, therubber treeis your best option, because it is beautiful, versatile and adaptable, it grows so large depending on the size of the pot. It goes to the step of Sagittarius.


A perfectionist, delicate, persistent personality, this is how Capricorn goes through life conquering everything around him. He is pragmatic, an Earth sign who has ambition for new challenges. However, the peace lilies are perfect for them, because they come to calm that anxious part, the beautiful white flowers contrast with their accelerated steps and that helps.


Aquarius is the one who was born to be creative, liberal and with a mind that knows no limits. It is the sign that secretes intellectuality in the pores, you need to have something very interesting to say so that it may want to live with you. It is unique, just like thewatermelon peperomia, the plant that makes you lose yourself between white and green, its striped leaves are peculiar and deep, just like Aquarius.


A personality that hides mystery, empathy and romance. Pisces is the one who puts magic in everything he does, you get lost in the softness of his words and in the way he sees life. It is as mesmerizing as the beauty of the Tradescantia Nanouk plant , the pink in its green leaves reminds us that life is more beautiful with a sweet touch, just like what Pisces does when you become part of their days.


What Is The Plant That Should Not Be Missing In Your Home According To Your Sign

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