The Signs Have Been Good But They Don’t Trust Anyone Anymore

The Signs Have Been Good But They Don’t Trust Anyone Anymore

There are those who do not know what they have by their side until they see it lost. Suddenly, you give the best of yourself to that person, you listen to them, you support them, you inspire them, you fulfill your loyalty and it breaks you anyway. That’s when you realize that there are times when you reap and receive bitter fruits. That is the reason why the signs of the zodiac did not stop being good, but they no longer trust just anyone.


They dare to say that it is spite that governs you today because they have no idea of ​​all the times you had to deal with the double-sided attitude of people who claimed to be on your side. They disappointed you in the worst way and that is why you no longer plan to put your feelings at stake. You prefer to distrust before letting anyone know your fragility.


It is true, that the world is not rosy, perhaps it is what has cost you the most to assimilate and not because you want everything to be perfect. However, there is something inside you that tells you that you can still have faith in people, the bad thing is when they show you otherwise. People are liars and at the same time they promise you fidelity, that’s why now it costs you twice as much to trust again.


Once your story was different, you took the role of the good guy, the one who is always there at the foot of the canyon, the one who does not judge and respects the progress of the other. You became the pillar of many and that’s when they took advantage and made fun of your effort. Now, you know that bad people are capable of anything to get away with it, even hurt. You are no longer going to put yourself at anyone’s feet, that version of you disappeared.


It has cost you a lot to accept that people are usually very hurtful, that not everyone is grateful, and that there are those who believe that you should solve their lives above what you want. You no longer plan to become anyone’s puppet, they used you as they pleased and also ended up talking bad about you. You did not become selfish, you simply set limits and that is why those who benefited before from your kindness complain.


You are not going to deny it, you have a strong character, but that does not mean that you are a bad person, it is just that you already know that it is not worth keeping silent, that you deserve to do what your heart dictates and not worry about satisfying people who All they want is to criticize your steps. Your mind is tired of so much unnecessary worry, so now you count your true friends on the fingers of one hand.


Life has shown you with facts and many damages, that it is better to stay with only one friend than to surround yourself with a lot of people who waste hypocrisy. You even know that there are things that are better not to tell anyone because some are waiting for you to do so to ruin your plan. If you have something very clear, it is that no matter how hard you try, you never finish meeting people.


It is enough to go to the memories of your memory and the scratches of your heart, to realize that people are not always what they seem. When you give yourself to someone you do it without any kind of fear, because you trust that the other is also on the same channel, but unfortunately it is not always like that. There are those who destroy your heart so much that they take away the desire to trust again.


If you received money for every fake person that comes your way, you would definitely be a millionaire. However, you have to deal with the betrayals and it hurts him because at the time you put all your trust and they didn’t care one bit about tearing you apart. For you, loyalty is sacred, if someone doesn’t know what that is, it’s worth noting. You have chosen to be the one who thinks of the worst-case scenario before they attack you.


There are people who should be given the best acting award because they come to your days and get into the secrets of your emotions like moisture. They take it as a weapon to dominate you and at the slightest opportunity, they hit you where it hurts the most. Fortunately, you have learned to let go, but there are disloyalties that break you and once that happens you are no longer the same.


Without a doubt, your heart is strong, it has had some ups and downs, and not everyone gets up again as if nothing happened, but you never give up, you always go forward. The bad plays of those who say they love you have taught you that it is better to expect the worst from others, that helps you not to be so disappointed. You get the idea that they are not up to your expectations and it hurts less.


One point in your favor is that all your life you have been much more reserved than the rest and that has helped you put up barriers so that they cannot discover the secrets of your heart. What you don’t want is to get hurt again, it’s not worth turning yourself in if they’ll talk behind your back anyway. You are tired of people, that’s why you prefer your solitude.


The worst thing a negative person can do is underestimate you because they don’t know what you’re capable of. Your heart is sweet, you do not deny it and you are not going to hide what you feel, but that does not mean that you are going to stay next to someone who all does is trample on your sensitivity whenever he can. Every once in a while you decide to be the loner, that’s better than going out into a fake world.


The Signs Have Been Good But They Don't Trust Anyone Anymore

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