Don’t underestimate her, because just because Sagittarius is in last place doesn’t mean she can’t make you cry with her eyes. She is a woman who prefers to stay away from conflict, she is very happy in her world, but… when she wants to, she is too critical, even with herself. It raises you to the sky and lowers you at the same time, its potential breaks all possible barriers. Also, she is very intense, if she gets addicted to something she won’t give up until she teaches you the lesson of your life. She is fire, a strong woman who, when she gets angry, hides her sweet feelings and receives you with the worst of emotional whippings. It gives you an opportunity, if you don’t know how to take advantage of it, leave,


The Leo woman always seems to be on the defensive, but the reality is that she has little heartache. Yes, she is quite determined, when she sets a goal, she works very hard to achieve it and hates when they want to solve her life. Don’t even think you’re going to dominate her, she may like you a lot, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to put her essence in your hands. His character is an arm, he can smile kindly at you and teach you what revenge means. She is not afraid of drama, better avoid testing her, because if she offers it, she will tear you to pieces. Sometimes it’s not her, it’s the rage she carries inside, all the bad things they’ve done to her for years. Don’t tell her she’s crazy,


A frightening woman, who must be studied very closely to decipher each of her gestures. Sometimes he doesn’t say much, but his actions scream when he can’t take it anymore and anger becomes his best friend. She is not willing to put up with someone who is not trustworthy, if you betray her once, that is enough for her to get you out of her life. She’s a loyal woman, if she considers you important she becomes your unconditional support, but don’t play with her emotions, because that’s where her brutal side kicks in. Pisces don’t like someone to promise and not deliver. For her, it is very important that you have your word, because she does not consider living with someone who can only offer her a dream castle that only exists in her imagination.


Although everyone knows Capricorn as the bad guy, the reality is that she’s not as strict as she seems. Let’s say at the beginning you put up a barrier because you don’t feel safe with just anyone, you have to dig deep enough to show your vulnerable side. However, once he does, get ready because his sentimental side is so sweet you’ll want to stay by his side forever. She’s sensible, she’s not going to take the lead out of love, she knows how to give herself with limits and when she feels that the other isn’t giving her what she deserves, she doesn’t waste time. Capricorn does not intend to live with the absence of love, even if it hurts, it goes away. She’s not one to beg you to stay, somehow she manages to say goodbye.


Definitely, Libra, she is a woman who can scare you at first, because she does not joke, when something bothers her, she says it and if she wants to get you out of her life, she does not think twice. times. Yes, she believes people change, but she’s not going to give you a thousand chances either, she wants peace, balance and harmony. She is very fair and wouldn’t dare judge you until she knows your reasons, but she doesn’t forget anything. In his mind and in his heart, there are many things that he does not tell anyone, but that help him to make the connection. What frightens the most in his way of being is his jealous side, it is said that he has no subtlety when it comes to showing it. I’m sorry, but it’s transparent, it’s not going to pretend to be someone it’s not. She is an expert in self-analysis,


It’s simple, Aquarius, you won’t be dating people who say one thing and show another. Sure, she’s a very patient woman, but just because she’s lost in her own world doesn’t mean you can shake her up whenever you want. Maybe it’s a bit scary because it’s very detached, in order for you to keep your attention you practically need to juggle. He doesn’t stay next to anyone who doesn’t inject him with a healthy dose of life. She’s funny, she’s smart, and she also has a unique ability to run away when she doesn’t feel comfortable. She doesn’t like games or infidelities, even in her dreams she won’t allow you to treat her like second rate food. If that’s reason enough for you to be afraid of him, go for it, it will paralyze you without thinking. That’s how crucial it is.


She is a woman who ends up being scary because of the freedom that runs through her veins. He is one of those people who hates when someone comes into their life with the intention of changing it. She doesn’t want to be forced to do things that make her feel uncomfortable. Maybe she’s breaking with all your conservative ideas, but she’d rather be the unpredictable madwoman than just another puppet of yours. Gemini doesn’t hold anything back, she feels the need to shout out to the world when she needs to be heard. She is one of those people who love adrenaline, break the rules and show the world that their dreams can come true. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to manipulate her, her intelligence defeats your evil intentions, you’d better seek to download your void elsewhere.


Let’s say we are already entering the site of women who tend to be more scary than tender. However, in the case of Taurus, people got the wrong idea of ​​what he really is because they treat him with tweezers all the time so as not to alter his bad mood. Yes, it’s a woman with her pants on and she’s not going to pretend to be weak so that the other one doesn’t feel bad. Simply, the one who accepts it well and the one who doesn’t accept it isn’t going to waste time seeking approval from someone who doesn’t even know it at all. It’s not one that damages, but it’s not one that goes back to the past either. No matter how many tears it will cost him to say goodbye, if he feels like he’s flowing by your side, he’ll leave.


Do you think Aries always greets you with a bad face? Surely the bad reputation they have created around him does not help much, but only the person who manages to enter his heart knows that there is no lie in his eyes, let alone in his actions. Maybe he doesn’t say a lot of words, but when he loves he does it in a very honest way and he likes to make the person feel special. He is one of those who takes you by the hand and does not let go, on the contrary, he inspires you and encourages you to fight for your dreams, no matter what you have to face. The only way for Aries to show her dark side is when she feels threatened, if you criticize her and hurt her, forget her, she will leave as quickly as she can. Believe me,


One of the reasons people often point the finger at Virgo is that she’s not leftist, they often say she has no filters and it’s true. When it comes to relationships, whether it’s your partner, friends, or family, you want facts. She’s not willing to give her best to people who just want to trample on her every time they think about it. It is said that he seeks to set up absurd discussions, but this is not real. If a Virgo woman starts war, it’s because she’s sure they’re hurting her and she has no intention of sitting idly by. He has stamina, but not enough to allow his wounds to be removed regardless of his emotions. She knows she’s not here to be kicked around,


A bad woman? It depends on which side you look at the coin, if to see you as someone confident and ready to impose themselves when they don’t feel respected is to be bad, then yes, Cancer is fearsome and does not will not disguise their negative emotions so that the other person is not intimidated. Usually, he is someone who always wants to give his all for the people he loves, his heart is very precious and he only seeks to do good. However, over the years and the damage he has learned that many people pretend they come up with a mask when in reality their intentions are the worst. If she feels stuck, don’t hesitate, she’ll tear her nails out and won’t care if her scratches take your breath away. His intelligence is so great that he doesn’t always need to use physical force to knock you down. He will do it in the way you least expect, but you might end up crying.


It is obvious that Scorpio deserves the position of number 1 of the scariest women. It’s amazing how they run away from her when she doesn’t even want to hurt anyone. Most of the time, she focuses on her own business to invest energy in the lives of others. Although they portray her as the villain of the story, inside she is one of the most beautiful beings on the planet, as she is extremely emotional and very intense. If he gives you his heart, you can be sure that he won’t allow anyone else to take your place. Perhaps his controlling side is the scariest, as he doesn’t like to feel that no room is out of his reach. She is very organized and hates when they invade her space or her way of thinking. Yes, this is when she is judged to be cold-hearted, but few understand that it is her essence that feels stunned and will not allow anyone to dominate her. If you block her, walk away.


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