Aries is the badass chick that everyone wishes they were. Her tough attitude comes naturally because, well, that’s how she’s always been.
She knows that her personality can come across as quite strong or intimidating at times, but she only stands guard when she doesn’t know what to think of you.
Like a superhero, Aries only uses his power for good.
You’ll never catch her acting tough just to look threatening to a stranger. Instead, you only really see that side of her when she’s standing up for herself or her best friends, because no one bothers an Aries and his crew.


Taurus doesn’t seem like one of the toughest signs to start with, but never judge a book by its cover.
Taurus’ tough attitude shows up when she stands up for someone she loves because nothing is more important to her than letting someone know her love.
It only takes one mention of someone hurting your feelings for Taurus to get tough (and angry). Although not exactly a pushover, Taurus will defend others before defending herself.
Why? Because his priorities are to make sure the people around him are taken care of.


Capricorn is a pragmatic, “don’t mess with me” girl.
While other signs can be hard on their friends, she does it all for herself.
She knows there will be people who will have issues with the type of person she is – serious, calculated and traditional – but trust her when she says she doesn’t care what you think.
Capricorn’s hard outer shell is primarily a way to protect themselves from people who want to try to make them lose their trust.
She can sometimes ignore them, but when all else fails, she’ll bring out the big guns.
I recommend keeping your distance when Capricorn starts acting tough.


Aquarius’ tough attitude comes from a similar mindset to Capricorn, where they act tough to save face.
It’s not that she doesn’t want people to be her friend, but rather that some people judge her before they know her.
Sure, she might be a little rough around the edges when you first meet her, but that’s only because she feels more comfortable opening up after getting to know you.
However, she understands what it’s like to be singled out or ignored because of the way she acts, which may explain why she has a little chip on her shoulder (and why it’s hard for her to reduce her attitude. lasts immediately).



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