It’s not always easy to get along well between humans… And sometimes the stars are to blame! Find out which astrological sign is the most toxic to you, according to the Zodiac.

1. Aries

Your rebellious and playful side is likely to sparkle when confronted with the rigid spirit of Capricorn ! You might lose feathers or receive a bunch of criticism from him. Unlike you, he believes it’s obligatory to religiously read the instructions before doing anything new! We therefore do not recommend that you install a piece of furniture with it during your next move!

2. Taurus

Don’t start hanging out with a group of people born under the sign of Aquarius ! Your human warmth is likely to catch cold in contact with the very logical and cowboy spirit of this sign. You can of course try… But protect your little heart well so as not to hurt it!

3. Gemini

You may have two sides to your personality, even if you join forces, they won’t be able to overcome the venom that Scorpio  will inject into your relationship! He expects all to be faithful and loyal to him. You value your freedom far too much to submit, and he will make you pay for it! Don’t let yourself be manipulated by his attempts at charms, it’s a trap!


4. Cancer

Sagittarius is likely to make waves in your life that will make you lose your footing. Watch out for drowning! You like to sail on calm waters and you much prefer the pedal boat to the Jet-Ski! Your sensitive nature will probably be struck by the casual side of this being who is a little too clownish for your taste. Treat yourself, and stay away…

5. Leo

Leo is a big cat who can’t resist taking a huge bite out of Pisces ! At first, he will charm you with his dreamy side. Quickly, you will quickly become disenchanted by meeting his typical mood swings worthy of a poet! All of this could tire you out pretty quickly, otherwise he’ll get you into his depression!

6. Virgo

Libra will drive you straight to madness with its legendary uncertainties! Your rigidity of mind (which makes you charming, let’s remember!) tolerates the artistic vagueness of this sign very badly, as well as its difficulty in committing clearly. Even Libra’s dentist never knows if she’ll come to her appointment that time, and that kind of unreliable behavior drives you crazy. Run away as soon as possible, otherwise you risk ending up in a padded room!

7. Libra

The stingy side of Virgo  may make your arm hair stand on end! You give without counting and its cheap side strikes you deeply in your values ​​of generosity. In addition, Virgo always has something to say about how you do things… All this is against nature for you who like to please everyone, and risks making you go out of your hinges!

8. Scorpio

If you want to be deeply unhappy, surround yourself with a Gemini . You who like to have a certain control over your surroundings will become mad with jealousy by their thirst for freedom. You don’t really know what they want or what they’re thinking, and you spend an immense amount of energy trying to capture them. Save your precious strengths for more compatible people.

9. Sagittarius

At first glance, you have everything to get along well with Cancer . But make sure you always keep a certain distance from him, because he might suffocate you! While some appreciate its great sensitivity, you will quickly become disenchanted when it clings to your foot like a ball of insecurity. Besides, you love biting humor way too much for him, and he’ll make you feel guilty for every questionable joke that comes out of your mouth.

10. Capricorn

Aries will see  you as a parental figure that could prove really tiring. After all, he’s not your child, so why is he trying to drain all of your resources? He’s kind of like a vampire you fear. You do well to beware, because he will never reciprocate! Instead, surround yourself with people who can maintain a relationship as equals and you ‘ll be fine.

11. Aquarius

A word of advice: do not associate with Taurus in your spare time. His emotional dependence may cost you more than you have to invest in a social relationship, both literally and figuratively! Instead, keep the focus on your own needs. You really like helping others, but as long as you’re doing charity, it’s better to target a good cause!

12. Pisces

If you want to increase your life expectancy, stay away from Leo ! His tendency to constantly self-value will get on your nerves and make you feel very small. He may be the king of the jungle, but you can be the king of the ocean and transform into a shark if needed. Don’t be intimidated by him. Ideally, avoid all contact and you will be fine.



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