The Reason Why Every Sign Leaves Even Though I Love It Too Much

Why Every Sign Leaves

The Reason Why Every Sign Leaves Even Though I Love It Too Much

It is not fair that they say that you leave because you give up, you are one of those who try until your emotions can no longer. When you love too much, you give all of yourself, but you are not willing to adorn a love that the only thing that gives you is constant crying. Little by little your patience runs out and that’s when you decide to put the end point. The reason why each sign leaves even if they love too much:


You are someone who needs more than the superficial, your love is capable of going deep to the depths of the soul. You like to build a bond in which you feel safe, and where you can share your ups and downs. However, you leave when you realize that it is not reciprocated. When instead of causing smiles, they hurt your dignity. You are not going to allow that. 


You are one of the brave ones, you don’t throw so many emotions into the trash overnight. However, Taurus, you are not going to stay with someone who is not willing to honor loyalty, you do not want to live in a lie. You believe in forgiveness, but you won’t justify wrongdoing just to keep a bond. It can hurt a lot, but you prefer that to deceive yourself, you know you don’t deserve such insane love. 


You definitely do not want a dream love, you are tired of all those lies that are told in the movies. For you, love goes beyond that, you want the person to make you vibrate in every way and not be scared by the desire you have to explore around you. You leave when the routine reaches them when you feel that you are there by obligation and not by decision. 


It’s true, Cancer, your character is unpredictable, so much so that you don’t even know when your spirits will fall to the ground. However, when you love, you are very firm, you don’t like to play with anyone’s emotions and you don’t run away from commitment. That’s why you leave when you realize that the other person is not on the same channel. You are lazy to have to go around begging to be loved. 


Your love is intense, pure, and constant. Leo, it bothers you a lot to find people who are used to loving you every other day. You are very determined and work very hard to achieve your goals. Of course, you are not going to settle for light love. You don’t want someone who does things out of habit. If you don’t feel that the flame is lit, you leave. 


If there is something that makes your bad mood appear, without a doubt, it is the mask that someone can wear in a relationship. It seems absurd to you that people are not capable of speaking honestly. You don’t want to be with a fake person, who has to fake love all the time. That makes you feel very unappreciated and confused. You want peace and not a wearing affection. 


The truth is that you can’t always be in control of everything, there are times when your emotions do their thing and all you want is to run away. However, you are very loving. When you give your heart it’s to build a lasting bond, that’s why it’s hard for you to say goodbye. But, you are not going to stay with someone who judges you, belittles you, and then tells you that she loves you like nothing happened, that’s not it and you know it. 


Your love is the one that knows no limits, it feels like you step on the accelerator, without fear of anything. You like to love with intensity and that is why physical contact is a key element for you. You want long love, nights until dawn, and slow caresses. However, you will not stay if that person betrays you. You are not here to give second chances to anyone, if they do not value you, you leave. 


Nobody beats you when it comes to hiding your feelings. You are the type of person who loves deeply, but you don’t like to feel tied to anyone. Of course, that has nothing to do with your faithful side, you are very respectful in that aspect. But, you are not going to stay with someone who tries to manipulate you, the rules and you do not get along at all. If they don’t accept you, don’t waste your time. 


Your way of loving is very balanced, you think twice before opening your heart to anyone. Your emotions are sacred and for the same reason, you do not share them, unless you feel confident. What you want is a loyal love, someone who supports you, and listens to you, because that’s how you love. However, if they fail you, you’re going to leave, it’s that easy. That person knew he was going to hurt you and he did it anyway. Now let it go. 


Your love is like a lot of sparkles, you have the gift of calming, and at the same time, you awaken the dreaming side of your partner. You are a very intelligent sign, solitary and with that mysterious touch, which becomes a magnet for everyone who meets you. However, you leave when your partner shows a superficial side, you don’t want that, you are looking for a genuine soul, otherwise you feel uncomfortable. 


I don’t know how you do it, but every time someone appears in your life, you light up their path. You have such a valuable sensitivity that you shelter souls. You like to be transparent, secrets are not an option for you and you are not afraid when it comes to showing love. You are going to leave when you realize that your partner is not giving you even half of what you give him. You don’t want anyone’s leftover love. 

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