What Every Sign Of His Heart Hates Most

Hates Most

What Every Sign Of His Heart Hates Most

Sometimes you get angry with yourself, You would like to have the courage to act like others do, but you can’t. Your heart is quite foolish, they hurt it and not every time it learns the lesson. It’s not that you’re stupid, it’s just that you have so much love in your soul that it’s hard for you to see the dark side of those who come into your life. Every sign of the zodiac has something about him that he doesn’t tolerate, he hates him and it’s not that it’s bad, but it makes him end up with the wrong people. What he hates most every sign of his heart:


Your walls are high, you are a person who knows what he wants, and you show yourself with a strong face, but inside you know that your heart is soft. The past has left you with so many wounds that you are terrified of getting involved with a bad love again. However, you have the courage to return to the ring and that makes you angry because people are not always worth it. It has been very difficult for you to accept that cruel people disguise themselves very well. 


On the outside, you show a huge shell, the sign that always has everything under control, the one that does not entangle feelings unless they feel safe. That’s you, but only those who really know you know that you love too muchYou don’t like that, because you’re not sure they feel the same way. It hurts because you get to worry about people who barely give you the crumbs of their time. 


Of course, you are a reckless sign, but you also have a side that is too dreamy, perhaps that is your biggest problem when it comes to giving your heart away. You are one of those who idealize, you fall in love with someone who only exists in your mind, long before you really know him. That leads to people who really just want to inflate their egos and then just walk away. 


How do they do it? Cancer, you always wonder what goes through the minds of those people who are hurt and continue as if nothing had happened. It is not that you stay crying forever, but it costs you twice as much to recover after a betrayal. Your heart is so pure and sensitive that you break into a thousand pieces. You don’t understand how there can be someone who swears to love you and then throws you away from one day to the next. You’d like to pretend you don’t care, but you know you don’t. 


After so many sad unforeseen events in your life, you have learned that people do not always value who you are. Many times it doesn’t matter how hard you try, because it won’t be enough anyway. However, it bothers you a lot that it affects you so much. Your heart is strong, but you don’t forget the cracks, and although you have been healing little by little. There are words that you will never forget. 


You are usually a very special sign when it comes to sharing your vulnerable side, Virgo, You do not like people to believe that they have you in the palm of their hand and that is why you insist on showing that you are capable of dancing under the storm. although in reality there are times when you can’t anymore. Your heart gives too much, you don’t like that, because it wears you down, it makes you lose hope. How do you trust again after something like this? 


What you hate most about your heart is that it is extremely changeable, with the same desire that one day you love too much, and the next day you don’t want to know anything about anyone. That has made you unstable when it comes to maintaining ties, they don’t understand what it scares you to feel and they don’t value you. You are very affectionate and generous, if someone you love suffers, you suffer too. But few notice. 


It is very hard to deal with the fame that they have created for you, Scorpio, they say that you are that impetuous heart that is capable of shaking whoever you want. I wish it were, I wish you were always in control, but no. You have a sweetheart, capable of letting yourself be carried away by the moment and that is why they usually lift you to the top of the peak and then let you fall as if nothing had happened. That makes you feel guilty as if you didn’t have the intelligence to detect their evil in advance. 


If there is something that you are clear about in this life, it is that you are not willing to follow anyone’s rules. You care little if you meet the expectations of others, you stopped worrying a lot about the comments you didn’t ask for a long time ago. They say that your heart has become selfish, that it doesn’t matter if it hurts or not. That’s a lie, you’re so scared of being broken, you better walk away before things get more intense. 


Your emotions are made of steel, Capri, but that doesn’t mean you go through life hurting everyone who comes your way. It’s just that now you’d rather be safe than sorry. Already in the past, they made fun of your goodness and you will not allow it again. It’s not that you push people away, you leave when you feel that history is going to repeat itself once more. Definitely, you do not intend to risk it. 


It is possible that many have the idea that you take everything lightly, that there is nothing that brings you down, and that you run away to fix your problems. People talk a lot without knowing you. You walk away for a while because you have a hard time letting go, overcoming a betrayal or not being reciprocated in love. You take twice as long to heal, but you don’t say it. You prefer that they criticize you before they know the truth. 


You would give everything to have a day of peace, in which your mind does not overwhelm you with a lot of constant thoughts. That is what you hate about your heart, that every little detail moves your soul, you are very emotional and you cannot pretend that nothing is happening. That is why you are filled with worries. The worst is when people find out, they know you can’t say no and they abuse your love. 

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