The Ability Of The Signs To Take The Initiative In Love

Take The Initiative In Love

The Ability Of The Signs To Take The Initiative In Love

Living love is something we all like, although not all of us really know how to do it. While some know how to let go, take the initiative, and enjoy themselves, it may be a little more difficult for others. As a trait of our personality, this is greatly influenced by our Zodiac sign. And, we want to talk to you about it; Let’s talk about the signs’ ability to take the initiative in love:


Aries natives are people who find it difficult to take the initiative in love. You are to let your partners do whatever they want and you simply adapt. Although it is not a bad way to experience love, it is possible that you miss out on things that you like by not talking openly about them. In your case, we advise you to open up a little more and have direct conversations with your partner. 


Without a doubt, Taurus people are people who let themselves go and this does not always please their partners. Sometimes letting go is fun and we all like to take the initiative from time to time, but there are also times when you should take the reins. In your case, Taurus, we encourage you to let go a little, since your lack of initiative is due to the rigidity of your way of thinking. In love, taboos are not good. 


You love taking the initiative and, the truth is, you are people who go all out in love. The games, the looks, the approaches,… This is your thing and you know how to exploit your charms to the fullest and you do it at all times. Although it is something that your partners undoubtedly like, the truth is that you should also leave room for them to take the initiative on certain occasions.  


The best thing about you is that you know how to listen to and “interpret” your partner and this makes love with you very intense. The truth is that you know when to take the initiative and when to let the other person do it. Although you like to dominate, it is also true that you love to be surprised. You usually find the balance between taking the initiative and letting the other person do it and this is very good. 


You love to take the initiative in everything, so in love, things are no different. You know what you like and you don’t hesitate at all to ask for it. You have very clear ideas and you seek your satisfaction and that of your partner at all times. It costs you nothing to offer what you know will be liked. However, this very dominant personality can mean that, on some occasions, you do not let your partners express themselves. You must, therefore, leave them more room and, on certain occasions, they can lose their temper. 


Virgos rarely takes the initiative and this is a mistake. You are the most intense and very passionate people, who know how to please others. However, you always put the benefit of others before your own. And, in love, the same thing happens. You tend to put the desire of others and their well-being before yours, and this is something that must end. You must find a balance and, even if it is not easy for you, you must ask for what you want.


You love to take the initiative and take charge in many aspects of your life and this is the only way in which you feel that you have control of your life. What happens with you is that this need for control means that you do not live to the fullest of everything that life offers you. In love, Libra, you must let go more; not be so conventional. And, above all, let your partners express themselves and take charge of the moment. You will see that the surprise factor will allow you to enjoy much more. 


You take the initiative in everything and, on many occasions, we can say excessively. You leave no room for novelty and your partner ends up keeping up with you. However, this can mean that your relationships end up not being the best since we can never be at one extreme or the other. For this reason, we recommend that you let those close to you express themselves in general, but more in love. Your partner surely has a lot to teach you.


You love it when others take the initiative and it makes you feel very comfortable. It is your comfort zone. Sagittarians like things to be asked of you and you love to please as much as you can and more. However, as happens with Virgos, being this way, your fantasies and desires may not be fulfilled, so the relationship is not entirely equitable. Letting yourself go is fine, but you must find a middle ground in which you can also express yourself and receive what you deserve.


You are one of those who take the initiative without a doubt and, in this sense, Capricorns can become very dominant. You love to make others satisfied and, in love, above all. The good thing is that you are the most intuitive people who know how to anticipate the desires of others and this means that you are almost always successful. But what happens to your desires? As with Virgo, you must let your partner surprise you. 


Aquarians like to be taken, but always within limits. And this can be very complicated. You must keep in mind that your partner does not have a crystal ball, so they cannot know how far you want to go. With you, it is easy to make mistakes, because it may seem that everything is going in the right direction and then you change everything. It is important that, while letting yourself go, you also guide the relationship a little.  


Pisces are people for whom it is not easy to take the initiative in certain aspects, but it is easy in others. This can lead you to suffer from imbalances in relationships and, therefore, is something to avoid. It’s not about being 100% dominant or 100% passive. Express yourself and let your partner do it too. You will live to love more intensely. 

Taking the initiative or letting yourself go can mark the passage of a relationship. Now, you know what you are like: what is most dominant in you. Therefore, we encourage you to take this into account and look for the best way to live love more intensely.

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