The invisible thread between two people who want to be together

Legend has it that there is an unbelievable chain of fate connecting two souls. The connected are connected independently of time, place and circumstances.
Nothing can break the invisible thread between two people destined for one another.

1. red.

The color red is strongly bound to attraction and desire. It is also the color of the fate threads that connects two soulmates.

2. The origins.

The red chain of fate is derived from an ancient East Asian belief. According to this myth, the gods tie a red string around the ankles of those who are destined to meet each other or to help each other in a certain way.

3. Like a soulmate?

The concept is similar to the Western concept of a “soulmate” or a “twin flame”. The difference is that this saying focuses more on the concept of “bonding” to someone than finding the other half.

4. The story.

Like so many old legends, the story behind the red string is a bit tricky. It is said that one evening a young boy saw an old man reading a book when he went home. He asked him what he was reading. The old man said it was a marriage book and told the boy he was going to marry a girl. He showed the little boy the girl he was to marry.

5. Trouble.

The boy did not like the idea because he did not want to marry. He threw a rock at the girl and ran off as fast as he could. Years later, a marriage was arranged between the boy and one of the most beautiful girls in the village. And when he revealed it, he realized it.

6. Terrified.

His future wife had a small scar over her eyebrow. When he asked her about it, she told him that a boy had thrown a stone at her as a child. Thus they proved their fateful union.

7. What happens when the thread stretches and wraps?

At the core of this saying is the higher power. Fate will take its course, and over time, everything will land in its place. It is important not to break the thread.

8. Still working.

Even finding the person at the other end of the fateful red line does not mean it’s easy to stay together. The proverb is meant to evoke loyalty, dedication and compassion. The cord is also there for the lovers to remain faithful to each other.

9. Infinite.

No matter how close or distant you are from the person, the thread remains. There will be times when you will feel mentally or physically far from the person, but that does not affect the thread that connects you two.

10. In all of us.

The minute I heard my first love story,

I started searching for you, unaware how blind it was.

Lovers do not meet somewhere eventually.

They are in one another, already the whole time. – Rumi.

11. In the hands of the gods.

According to Chinese legend, the goddess Yuè Xià Lao for the “Red Destiny Chain”. Yuè Xià Lao is also responsible for marriages.

12. Pinky promise?

In Japanese culture, it is said that the red string is tied around the pink finger. Originally it suggested that the one who broke his promise had to cut off his little finger!

13. Not just lovers.

The red threads do not meander around our ankles when we walk around, do not catch us when we pass something – the Chinese believe they are born with us. With each passing year of aging, the threads are thickening and bringing us closer to people whose lives are destined to intertwine with ours in some way.

14. Liberation?

It’s a lot easier to throw yourself into the unknown, into a new place or a new stage of our lives, and to know that these red threads are there to draw into the future, to hold on to souls waiting to join us catch us teaching, touching and changing.

15. Unbreakable.

“The two people who are connected by the thread are destiny lovers, regardless of place, time and circumstances. This magic string can stretch or tangle, but never break. ”


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