12 signs that it’s time to let him go

The hardest thing in the world is to look at someone you once loved with all your heart and realize that those feelings are not what they used to be. One of you clings to the relationship by blaming yourself for that change, while the other of you can not deny what’s really in his heart.

There is always the one who has done everything right, but there comes a time when one just stops being right for one another.

1. You feel, not as connected as before.

It’s like that connection you once had suddenly disappeared, and no matter what you do, no matter what you do, no matter what it is, the connection is simply gone. And it’s like looking at someone you know – who looks the same and sounds the same as he used to, but something you can not explain is just different.

2. Silence is more pleasant than speaking.

It’s almost as if you were running out of words. “How are you?” And the “I love you” does not seem to be really real, but more of a duty, because that’s how you’re used to it and it’s always been that way.

And it hurts because you never thought you would get this far. So you’re content with silence because that’s easier than admitting what’s actually going on between you two.

4. You miss the past more than acknowledging the present.

You cling to the moments in which you have fallen in love, but with love, your relationship has nothing to do anymore. You do everything you are used to, but it does not feel like it used to. If you only have the past in common, then you know that there may not be a future.

 5. You are not learning from each other anymore.

You did so many things with this person and went everywhere with her. When you were with him, you learned something new every day and you loved him. But now you are at this strange point where you can not learn from each other.

6. You are not happy anymore.

No matter what that person does or how hard she tries, it just does not make you happy anymore. And it’s clichéd to say that it’s me, not you. But it’s true. Sometimes you are with someone for so long that you suddenly realize that you feel lost in this relationship and you have to find yourself again.

7. You feel as if you are holding back.

And you hate to admit that. But feeling uncomfortable is a good thing. It means something has to change. You have to be someone else than in the relationship with him.

You loved the relationship while it lasted, but you can not help but admit that this good thing has come to an end and it’s time to start walking along and learn what it’s like to be without it.

8. You argue more than you like.

Small things that have never angered you in the past seem to irritate you more and more. It’s almost as if you are now looking for reasons to be angry with this person or start a fight.

You may both recognize by what you know in your heart that you are better off without each other.

9. One of you seems to be trying harder.

But it’s hard when a person does not want to give up the relationship. He looks at you with love and admiration, he believes in you, but you can not fake what your heart no longer feels.

10. One does not always answer.

Maybe it’s you who deliberately does not answer, or you realize he’s not doing it anymore. Where once every minute every minute there has been talk, there is now this silence that seems so loud that no one has the courage to say what needs to be said.

11. You would be okay if it stopped tomorrow.

If he suddenly called you and said it was over, you would not be angry. You would even be relieved if he said so.

12. Pulling on is like a breath of fresh air.

You look forward to being with someone else in your future.

The thing is, disconnections are never easy. If you hurt yourself because you can not hurt anyone, that’s not right. Sometimes you are afraid to let go, and only later will you realize that you have made a mistake.

But sometimes you have to part with other people if you want to have a new chance to grow again. And sometimes, in an attempt to find oneself after a breakup, you find someone else who adds all those beautiful feelings to life that you’ve long forgotten.

No matter which side you are in the breakup, it’s never easy. But sometimes you have to do the best for yourself and your happiness by accepting the fact that the best thing you could do for both of you.


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